Me You You Me

Me You You Me – Daniel Carlson

Dream pop sophomore album from NYC artist Daniel Carson - more here.

Of Trivial and Gargantuan - Rivers of England

Of Trivial and Gargantuan – Rivers of England

Excellent debut from Bath-based alt-folk outfit Rivers of England - more here.

Songs of Gold and Shadow - Cleo T

Songs of Gold and Shadow – Cleo T

Extraordinary dark caberet-ish folk from Paris - more here.

The Cosmic Array 500

The Cosmic Array

The Cosmic Array - Welsh sci-fi alt country/Americana - more here

Easier Sung Than Said - Mark David Roberts

Easier Sung Than Said – Mark David Roberts

The latest album by Mark David Roberts - arranged and produced by Wim Oudijk - more here.


Jealous Angels – Daisy Chapman

The latest single from Daisy Chapman's critically acclaimed album - get it here.

NEW RELEASE: Communion – Rebecca Clamp & Matti Keltanen

Communion is the latest single from Rebecca Clamp and is a collaboration with Matti Keltanen. It’s a project that combines the distinctive lyrics and vocal style of Clamp with the electro-ambient arrangments of Keltanen – the result, 2 tracks of exciting, original music from Helsinki:

The digital single is distributed worldwide and available at all good music outlets. Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site via the player above or this link:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Communion - Rebecca Clamp & Matti KeltanenCommunion - Rebecca Clamp & Matti Keltanen

Rebecca Clamp and Matti Keltanen release a single that moves the lyrical landscape from Helsinki to New York City.

Helsinki based songwriter Rebecca Clamp began collaborating with electronic musician Matti Keltanen in 2007 but their work has largely been kept under lock and key until now. A notable exception are the two bonus tracks on the extended download version of Clamp’s album ‘Key to the City’ (2011). If you enjoyed Keltanen’s dark, electronic arrangement for ‘Here We Are’ then you are in for a treat with this release.

The imagery for ‘Communion’ comes from a photograph Keltanen took of a night scene on the corner of Prince and Lafayette in New York City, where he was living at the time. The same photograph also inspired the single’s artwork by NYC based artist Brian McLaughlin. Clamp describes her strange and evocative lyrics to Communion as ‘a meditation on desire’.

For the B-side Keltanen and Clamp completely rework the old Robert Johnson classic: ‘Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)’. Keltanen’s angry and hypnotic composition effectively conjures up Johnson’s vision of ‘Blues walking like a man’: listening on headphones he seems to be pacing round your brain, accompanied by Clamp’s haunting vocals.

Johnson’s lyrics to Preaching Blues end: ‘Goin’ down to the ‘stil’ry, gonna stay there all day’, and with their new single, Clamp and Keltanen have striven to distill desire and despair to a very potent drop.

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NEW RELEASE: Me You You Me – Daniel Carlson

Me You You Me is the triumphant sophomore album from songwriter, singer and guitarist Daniel Carlson, which follows 2010’s critically acclaimed Aviary Jackson – “…the great-grandchild of Sergeant Pepper’s…” **** – R2/Rock ‘n’ Reel

The album is distributed by Proper (CD & worldwide digital) and available at all good music outlets. Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site and get the CD plus an instant download of the album via the player above or this link:


“Swathed as it is in luxurious symphonic swaddling, the mood that Carlson creates here is one of sheer unhurried bliss.”
- God is In The TV

“…music that sounds like The Beatles and Air tumbling through space.”
- Q Magazine Website

“…with psychedelic sounds drawn straight from bands such as Pink Floyd and the Beach Boys…this new form of kaleidoscopic pop shines through.”
- Hit The Floor

“…introspective and resonating.”
- Vulture Hound

“…a trippy and tranced dream dipped odyssey of sonic space walking delights replete with the subtle glazing of shimmering 60’s John Barry styled riffola and a recall of J Xaverre no less.”
- The Sunday Experience

“Eko reminds us of Air, and is perfect chill out material. Just lie back and let the very minimal song take you into the ether.”
- SupaJam

“Dream Pop – it’s a genre that has been making a big dent on the indie scene recently. Putting the Dream into the genre is no easy task to do convincingly, but NYC’s Daniel Carlson’s spacey, mournful chords open the track Eko, his vocals kicking in and the tranquil, almost melancholic vibes kick in…”
- Seba Rashii

Here’s the video for Eko taken from the album:

Release date 7 April 2014

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NEW RELEASE: Of Trivial and Gargantuan – Rivers of England

Of Trivial and Gargantuan is the debut album by Bath-based alt-folk outfit Rivers of England – released in association with Songs&Whispers (DE):

Due out on 31 March 2014, the album is distributed by Proper and available at all good music outlets. Buy direct from Folkwit Records at our Bandcamp site and get the CD plus an instant download of the album:

Here’s the video for the song Selfless People taken from the album:

“Immersive, simple but impressive music that is somehow quintessentially English, there is something quite wholesome, refined and altogether rather sweet about this music and the vocals are completely lovely. Rare but nice to find something reminiscent of Yo La Tengo and Nick Drake all at once.” Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2013 Longlist (top 1.5%) Judge’s comments
- Don’t Watch Me Dancing blogger

“A beautiful album that nourishes the soul through pure musicality and sublimely sensitive songwriting. A gargantuan triumph.”
- Chris Vaudin

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NEW RELEASE: Songs of Gold and Shadow – Cleo T

Cleo T‘s extraordinary debut album Songs of Gold and Shadow was produced by John Parish (P J Harvey):

Visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the album (download and CD versions):


“The Parisian chanteuse with the single-initial surname returns with an album boasting John Parish at the knobs and twiddles. ‘I Love Me I Love Me Not’ opens with dramatic woodland strings before Ms T emerges in her freaky garb for an atmospheric number, drunkenly stumbling into a woozy chorus backed by sublime irruptions of drum, piano and string. Perfect. ‘We All’ picks up the pace with more shrieky high notes over squalls of feedback and bouncy bass bits, plus a touchingly direct chorus: ‘We all need someone to hold on to.’ True that. ‘Song To The Moon’ is the tune Marlene Dietrich would’ve sung if she’d had to live with Hitler in the swampy Bavarian marshes until things “blew over.” Excellent wolf impressions and violins. ‘Kingdom Of Smoke’ is a dark, affecting piece of melancholic theatre. ‘Whistles In The Night’ continues this brooding sound. Parish is the perfect choice for Cleo’s twisted forays into the darker side of the woodland. This excellent album also contains a track penned for Cleo by Robert Wyatt, ‘So Long Ago Yesterday,’ and an appearance from my old favourite “instrument,” the theremin. Dark and seductive. An excellent collaboration that will send you slowly mad.”
- Mark Nicholls, Shout 4 Music

“It came as no surprise to discover that Cleo T is French. The black and white, pre-Raphelite sleeve hints at something from the left field, or should that be left bank, and that is pretty much confirmed from the opening track of “Songs Of Shadow And Gold”. A large range of instrumentation, including Theremin and crystal glasses combine with delightfully melancholic melodies to give the album a film noire feel, with Cleo T playing the role of the femme fatale. An album that drifts into your consciousness like a skiff emerging from the mist, cloaked figure in the prow.”
- Neil King, FATEA

“…diaphanous and ethereal ballads…folk compositions treated in the spirit of cabaret.”
- Rock & Folk, France

“…a wild side that contrasts with sweetness, while remaining deeply sensitive and melodic.”
- Rock’n'France

We All the Video:

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VIDEO: Jealous Angels – Daisy Chapman

Check out the official video for Daisy Chapman’s beautiful new single Jealous Angels:

Visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the download single:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Jealous Angels - Single - Daisy ChapmanJealous Angels - Single - Daisy Chapman

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NEW RELEASE: The Cosmic Array

The Cosmic Array is a collaboration of established South Wales musicians resulting in an album of sci-fi themed alt country/Americana:

Order the CD: £8.99 + P&P

Alternatively visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the download album +/- the CD:

Or find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
The Cosmic Array - The Cosmic ArrayThe Cosmic Array - The Cosmic Array

“…this s a fine album…Rangefinder recalls two of the Eighties outstanding alt rock bands, Dumptruck and American Music Club…The spontaneous and ragtag origins of their album are worn on the sleeve, making The Cosmic Array the emotional equivalent of that old Levis jacket you wear less often now but love even more. The Cosmic Array is raw, alive and alone in the endzone. It won’t let you down.”

- Jeremy Gluck, Mudkiss Fanzine

Check out the video for Rangefinder:

About The Cosmic Array:

The Cosmic Array is a collaboration between Paul Battenbough (No Thee No Ess, King of Despair) and Huw Rees (Rag Foundation, King of Despair) that started in late November 2012. The resulting self-titled debut album is due out in January 2014.

The album is described as a “psych country album via a 1950′s event horizon experience”. A description bound to pique our interest here at Folkwit HQ!

Artist and songwriter Paul Battenbough arrived at Huw Rees’ Rhondda Street Studios, Swansea in late November 2012 with seven songs. Seven songs soon became twelve as more were written during the sessions. Drums were put down to a basic acoustic guitar track and and the arrangements began to take shape as layers were added by both Paul, Huw and contributing artists Jon Coward, Dylan Morris and Mat Wigley.

The end result was mixed by Mat Wigley in Cardiff.

Follow the band on Facebook:

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NEW RELEASE: Easier Sung Than Said – Mark David Roberts

The latest release from Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Mark David Roberts:

The album is available to download now from Bandcamp with a limited edition version of the album from Disco Fair (The Netherlands) also available to purchase.

A full UK retail release is planned for the Spring (2014).

About Mark David Roberts:

Mark David Roberts is a Liverpool-based singer-songwriter. There are singer/songwriters and there are wordsmiths. It’s a fine distinction between the two, and Mark Roberts falls into the latter category. Every song is a story, and every story is weaved with intricate finger style and wistfully haunting vocals.

It has been nearly 7 years since the last commercial release, and we are proud to announce that the follow up to his debut album All At Sea is now complete, and is being released across the UK and Europe by Folkwit Records in association with Disco Fair (The Netherlands).

The new album entitled Easier Sung Than Said is a collection of 15 tracks and features arrangments by Dutch maestro Wim Oudijk.

Produced by Wim Oudijk.
Vocal and guitar tracks recorded in the UK by Nick Butcher, Folkwit Records.
Album artwork by Mick Dillingham.

Mark David Roberts

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NEW RELEASE: Jealous Angels (Single) – Daisy Chapman

Visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the download single:

Find it on iTunes or Amazon MP3:
Jealous Angels - Single - Daisy ChapmanJealous Angels - Single - Daisy Chapman

Jealous Angels is the second single from Daisy Chapman‘s critically acclaimed album:

“Watch this woman, she’ll go far.”
- BBC Introducing

“…a great singer-songwriter…well worth checking out.” / “A great album. Really lovely.”
- Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

“Instantly captivating.”
- The Independent

“This is a fantastic album. A great singer and songwriter new to me. Check out her music.”
- Adam Wilson, The Quiet Revolution

“An enchanting work between chanson and classic songwriting.”
- Rolling Stone, Germany

“Sometimes I really don’t know where to start, other than to advise you to listen to this album as soon as you can…Two things stand out: Daisy’s powerful voice and her equally powerful songwriting…In fact, Daisy has a facility for narrative songs, narratives in which not a lot happens but a great deal is learned…To provide a comparison by which to judge Daisy I want to say Sandy Denny – she’s there in the piano, the songwriting style and the voice. I hope that neither of them will object.”
- Dai Jeffries,

“This is spanking gorgeous! Fill your ears…” / “…utterly beautiful and astoninshing…”
- Phil Widdows, FolkCast

“…she is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician. Daisy’s powerful voice is backed by her very fine classical piano playing and soaring string arrangements, with no electric instruments to be heard. The effect is stunning. This is a work of real quality and deserves to be heard by a wide audience.”
– Peter Cowley, FATEA Reviews

“A powerfully unique vocalist and skilled songwriter.”
-Alan Cackett, Maverick

“She has an intimate and engaging delivery that makes the most of the highly assured qualities of her singing voice. To find that combination in a singer-songwriter these days is a rare thing; and so, to be honest, I think she’s a really special talent.”
- David Kidman, NetRhythms

“…this new album introduces a songwriter who has the gift of writing perceptive songs and setting them to sumptuous arrangements. One to catch in 2013.”
- Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland (The album was featured as ALBUM OF THE WEEK)

“…a compelling listen. Strong lyrics and impressive vocal performances are complemented by intelligent and restrained musical arrangements…an education in songwriting to anyone who listens. Shameless Winter will not be short of admirers.”
- Paul Riley, Shout 4 Music

“Opening with the title track, this could be a female Ben Folds as the piano leads us through a strident tale telling of bitter winter travelling. Clear vocals but beautifully produced with instrument and voice both upfront. ‘Better Me’ has a lovely cello/piano counterpoint that drives the rhythm as the track unfolds to a bridge of violin led lament underpinned by the steely vocal. There is talent here, and the song builds and builds to a climactic scene with even a trombone showing its face. Its all here but the mess of ingredients doesn’t overwhelm, although it is fairly hectic towards the end!

We cleanse the palate with ‘The Gentleman in 13B’, a tale of air flight and travelling companions. A simple piano-led narrative…‘Jealous Angels’ is much more relaxed and better for it as is ‘Mrs Hart’s premonition’ with its crystal clear vocal. ‘A Sinner Song’ has the clarity of a Natalie Merchant song in its production and execution, a perfect weight between content and delivery. With some Radio 2 airplay this album will fly. Good stuff.”
- Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK

“A sparkling gem of a discovery.”
- Metal Discovery

Daisy Chapman was featured as ARTIST OF THE WEEK on Bethan Elfyn’s Amazing Radio Show.

Daisy Chapman - Battstock 2010 - (c) P. Foot

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TOUR NEWS: Joyce The Librarian – Italy Dates

The wonderful Joyce The Librarian will be performing some solo shows in Italy next week.

December 9th – ROME – Unplugged in Monti
December 11th – GIOIA DEL COLLE (BA) – Circolo Arci Lebowski
December 13th – FOGGIA – Tolleranza Zero

Go and show your support!

Here’s a reminder of Joyce The Librarian’s beautiful album released just about 1 year ago and still available for your listening pleasure:

Here’s just a few reactions to the album:

- Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

“Joyce the Librarian are awesome.”
- Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio/Bella Union

“An immaculate confection”
- Clash Magazine

“A really, really good record!”
- Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music

“Understated and recklessly charming”
- Tim Carroll, Folkwords

“Simply stunning”
- Wales Online

“With delightful, well-constructed melodies, layered hymnal vocals and finger plucking goodness, it is the perfect autumnal release”
- Folk Radio UK

“Honest, personal and acutely melodic song-writing, it’s gentle and begging to be played more”
- Indie London

“This is a high quality debut album… well worth the listen.”
- Michael Farley, Americana UK

“…this is a bold debut that will find favour in both indie and traditional music circles, making a pitch for the narrow territory between, say, Laura Marling, Noah & the Whale and the godfathers of it all, Belle & Sebastian.”
- Nick Churchill, FATEA

“…a combination of charming folk and poignant optimism…astute lyrics working alongside a delicate melody to form a profoundly touching piece of music.”
- AltSounds

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NEW RELEASE: Apes (EP) – Pulco

Another chapter in the prolific musical life of lo-fi genius Pulco. Apes is an EP featuring 6 tracks originally recorded for the excellent radio show The Garden Of Earthly Delights.

DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp

CD: A number of limited edition CDs are available to order now from Pethau Garw

“Earlier in the summer my good friend Adam Leonard suggested that I record some songs again containing just guitar and vocals. He came up with the song titles and I did the rest.”

- Ash Cooke, Pulco


“The prolific bedroom artist’s latest EP delves further into the world of found sound and random observations. We’re huge fans of Ash, he is just so imaginative and his albums are little bits of education left for us to consume and become enriched. On “Apes”, Pulco’s fertile mind is paired sweetly with quiet folk songs hiding bits of pop melodies for discerning ears.”

- The Dadada

“APES is both a great introduction to the music of Pulco, and a must have for long-time fans. Double Denim and Spectrum Russians are two of his best songs. Ever. The subtle use of field recordings and spoken word pieces make each part of the APES EP interesting- and keep the listener guessing. Ashley Cooke continues to surprise and delight with his on-going sonic experimentations and refusal to either slow down or anchor himself to a particular musical genre. Note to Pulco – do not slow down.”

- Nat Lyon, Louder Than War

“Closer Spectrum Russians is just beautiful. With chord changes and harmonies that made me think of Nick Lowe…”

- Glenn Griffith, A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Gulf Of Understanding should be played to all those moaners who complain about some idiot on I’m A Celeb or when Tesco run out of a special offer…”

- NeilCrud, Link2Wales

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