Just a quick note to say that Folkwit Records has closed its doors for the final time and has now ceased trading.

We have been operating for 15 years and are proud of what we have achieved in partnership with some brilliant and talented musicians from around the world. Over 100 albums released.

We would like to thank all associated with the label, its supporters, fans and customers for providing the impetus to keep this label going. We bid farewell with a tinge of sadness but wish all the very best for the future.

We hope to use this site for an archive – an historical record of the label and its releases – to be published in the not-to-distant future.

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NEW RELEASE: Albert Einstein Song – Jeremy Tuplin

Jeremy Tuplin‘s latest single from his critically acclaimed album, I Dreamt I Was an Astronaut is the wonderful Albert Einstein Song. Check out this lo-fi sci-fi video directed by Will Hooper (

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NEW RELEASE: Wintertide – Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra

Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra return following their successful album and folk opera The Butcher:

“Featuring a stunning 20 songs, with 20 plus musicians from six different countries ‘The Butcher’ is an epic ghost story told in songs.”
– Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

Wintertide is a seasonal offering with many of the original crew from The Butcher Recordings and including Jack Harris, Esther Dee and Josienne Clarke.

A new Mosley original in the classic folklore style this tale takes The Butcher’s ghost story template and adds a classic Seventies singer-songwriter vibe full of feather light acoustic guitar, gorgeous group harmonies, Zappa-esque insistent percussion and growling bass saxophones.

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NEW RELEASE: California – No Thee No Ess

Acclaimed Cardiff duo No Thee No Ess return with their eagerly anticipated new album, California.

California marks the first new release from No Thee No Ess since 2016’s acclaimed The Silver Stream. The album sees the Cardiff-based duo of Andy Fung (Dererro, Cymbient) and Paul Battenbough (The Cosmic Array, King of Despair) continuing to explore their uniquely unstructured collaboration, fusing timeless song-craft with intricate harmonies, spur-of-the-moment lyricism, indelible melody, and improvisational adventurousness. Songs like Florid Peaks and the expansive title track are lit from within by the audacious spirit of the Golden State, inspired in part by Laurel Canyon folk rock, SF psych, Bakersfield country, and NorCal indie rock but made complete via No Thee No Ess’ own immersive, idiosyncratic approach.

“I’ve never been there but our whole creative vision really owes a debt to the music, art and general vibe of California,” says Fung. “Bands like Grandaddy and Neil Young and the Grateful Dead have directly influenced our sound and approach to songwriting.”

“Wales is a bit like California on the coast,” says Battenbough, “though to my mind Wales is slightly better. I was there in 1978, learning to swim in motel pools to a backdrop of gunfire and murder. Downtown LA was a dystopian nightmare of a place, burning cars in the dark on street corners; I’d never been to such a dangerous place. California is a beautiful sounding word though and I think a good title for us considering its incredible influence.”

California was produced and recorded by No Thee No Ess at their own Surk Studio in Cardiff; the album was mixed by Ali Chant (Gruff Rhys, Perfume Genius, Giant Sand) at Bristol’s Toybox Studio.

No Thee No Ess united in 2008, bringing together two of Cardiff’s most unique musicians and visual artists, both known for infusing psychedelic influence into their painting and recorded body of work. Then as now, the goal was to create original music in as organic a fashion as possible, writing and recording instinctively, with limited takes and minimal ego. No Thee No Ess has since earned ecstatic international acclaim, with BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens hailing the duo’s “beautiful melodies and wonderfully orchestrated arrangements.” No Depression declared 2013’s Spring Dawn Glow to be “deliciously funny and imaginatively rich…a perfect work of art on every level,” further praising Fung and Battenbough’s “incredibly clever songwriting” and “beautiful and expressive vocal charm.”

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NEW RELEASE: Good Luck Songs – Daisy Chapman

Good Luck Songs is wonderful new collection of powerful and poignant songs from Bristol-based singer-songwriter Daisy Chapman:

Good Luck Songs is Daisy Chapman’s third full-length studio album and her second to be released in the UK on Folkwit Records. BBC Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson on making her last album his Album of The Week described Chapman as “a songwriter who has the gift of writing perceptive songs and setting them to sumptuous arrangements.” Dai Jeffries from suggested that “to provide a comparison by which to judge Daisy I want to say Sandy Denny – she’s there in the piano, the songwriting style and the voice.” High praise indeed and one of many plaudits earned by her second album Shameless Winter.


Some Quotes and Reviews about Daisy Chapman:

“Watch this woman, she’ll go far.”
– BBC Introducing

“…a great singer-songwriter…well worth checking out.” / “A great album. Really lovely.”
– Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

“Instantly captivating.”
– The Independent

“This is a fantastic album. A great singer and songwriter new to me. Check out her music.”
– Adam Wilson, The Quiet Revolution

“An enchanting work between chanson and classic songwriting.”
– Rolling Stone, Germany

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NEW RELEASE: The Distance – The Phil Langran Band

The Distance is the fourth album released by The Phil Langran Band. Band leader Phil Langran’s songs are a powerful combination of immediacy and slow-burning subtlety. Their melodies instantly take up residence in the mind while the lyrics pack a considerable emotional punch. This is set off to great effect by Phil’s line in dry, laconic humour which accompanies the live shows. The songs and lyrics are masterpieces of succinctness, and seem to work effortlessly on several levels, belying the craftsmanship that has gone into their making. Phil is not only a fine musician but also a writer steeped in the poetic traditions of Robert Frost and Langston Hughes. The result is a brilliant intertwining of Americana, Celtic, Folk and Blues themes in distinctive original songs. Like all the best songwriters, Phil has created his own genre, where Harlem nights and New York cityscapes rub shoulders with the west coast of Ireland and scenes from Werner Herzog’s films.

The Distance represents another collection of fine original songs from The Phil Langran Band with it’s opening track Time’s Dark Wing receiving high praise from some notable contemporaries:

“Oh that is lovely. A good song and very moving performance. I am very pleased to have listened to that before bed.” – Teddy Thompson

“That’s a great tune. Prine & Van Zandt would approve!” – Roddy Woomble

“I love that song so much.” – Kathryn Williams

Previous releases have also attracted praise:

“Musically astute and lyrically absorbing…A warm, intelligent set of songs for folkies”
– The Morning Star

“His vocals are utterly British and delivered with understated charm…The band synthesises folk, Americana, and blues influences to produce a languorous, folksy backdrop for the words”
– R2/Rock’n’Reel

“A Gem”
– BBC Celtic Heartbeat

“Provides a smooth engaging listen for the folk music lover who likes it straight and true.”
– David Hintz, Folkworld #49

The band regularly play live and are regulars at the Otley Folk Festival.

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NEW RELEASE: Not A Drawing – Daniel Carlson

Not A Drawing is Daniel Carlson’s latest album following on from 2014’s Me You You Me (“…sheer unhurried bliss.” – God is in The TV) and 2010’s critically acclaimed Aviary Jackson (“…the great-grandchild of Sergeant Pepper’s…” **** – R2/Rock ‘n’ Reel )

Not A Drawing is the result of a deeply considered and meticulously executed vision by the artist and his most accomplished work to date.

In the words of the artist himself:

“Initially, I was going to work with the same crew as Me You You Me (all L.A. session players – all amazing musicians) but, once I got done with what I thought were the demos, it was clear to me that they had a feel that was worth keeping. So then I thought that maybe I’d go out to LA and do some overdub sessions with those guys, but by the time I had time to do it, the songs had evolved even further. At that point, I decided that I’d finish it up in NYC and reached out to famed producer Michael Leonhart to see about him helping me finish, but it didn’t look like he’d have time in the near future. However, we did spend an afternoon listening to what I had and he had a key piece of advice: ‘less Paul McCartney, more Pink Floyd,’ which was where I’d wanted to go anyway (more synths, more dreaminess).”

Here’s the video for Cloudy People taken from Not A Drawing:

Here’s the video for Problems taken from Not A Drawing:


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NEW RELEASE: Lit Up With Sorrow – Rebecca Clamp and Hans Wessels

Rebecca Clamp’s latest album sees her join forces with Hans Wessels to create a delightfully emotive and beautifully arranged collection of original songs…

Lit Up With Sorrow is Rebecca Clamp‘s third album to date and the second to be recorded in and inspired by her adopted home of Finland. This time she is joined by the considerable talents of her partner and collaborator, Hans Wessels. The album builds on Clamp’s already established reputation as a fine original songwriter. Her debut, Nocturnal Leap getting some rave reviews (5 stars R2). Her last album Key to The City earned a 4 star review in R2/Rock’n’Reel and prompted Rychard Carrington (R2/Moving Tone) to comment, “Rebecca Clamp’s music is like the very finest of wines.” Neil King of FATEA noted, “Rich in description and tone, the simple combination of Ms Clamp’s voice and piano are at times deeper than a school of philosophers and far easier to listen to.”

This album is distinctly, and rather wonderfully different. Clamp has retained her trademark quirkiness and optimism throughout the lyrics (despite some of the songs exploring darker themes) but it is the depth and breadth of the arrangements that really strike the listener – electronic percussion and instrumentation, plucked strings of ukulele and guitar, Clamp’s distinctive piano and the sweet vocal harmonies from both Clamp and Wessels. It’s a gentle, emotionally provocative album with songs that are illuminated with a deep sense of hope and resilience.


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NEW RELEASE: I Dreamt I Was an Astronaut – Jeremy Tuplin

Available now as CD or download here.

I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut is the debut album of London-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Tuplin and follows 2 independently released EPs: Open Letters (2016) and Carry The Fire (2014). His voice has a uniqueness expressing itself through the less commonly used, lower register and his song-writing extends beyond the conventions of the genre. In the wordsof BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson, his music is: “Unconventional, conversational and intimate.” The Telegraph Culture Section described his music as, “Stunningly candid…A distinctive deep vocal that has hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan.” Clash Music observed, “A cosmic gem…” with Tuplin “Cooking up something special.,”

Recorded with long-time collaborator Mark Estall at Marketstall Studio, South Bermondsey with some recordings taking place in both Tuplin’s and Estall’s living rooms, the album combines electronic and synthesised sounds with acoustic and organic instruments for a ‘retro-futuristic feel’ branching into a genre which could be described as ‘space-folk’.

The theme that underpins this album is escapism, and with that, visions of the cosmos – a debut worthy of attention.

About Jeremy Tuplin

Originally from Wiltshire in the West of England, Jeremy Tuplin now plies his trade as singer-songwriter in the nations’s capital, London. Prior to recording his latest album he’s self-release 2 EPs: Open Letters (2016) and Carry The Fire (2014).

unnamedHe plays regularly on the capital’s live gig circuit and has made appearances at a number of festivals.

His work to date has attracted high praise:

“A cosmic gem… cooking up something special…”
– Clash Music

“Unconventional, conversational and intimate.”
– Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“Hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan… Stunningly candid.”
– The Telegraph Culture

“One of the founding fathers of the lesser known genre of space folk”
– Boomtown

“A show-stealing affair.”
– For The Rabbits

“A fine wordsmith… delivers lines in a compelling fashion.”
– GIGsoup

“A gorgeous, swooning, romantic EP… A tight, careful, ornate beauty over 5 tracks. It sounds effortless, which is a grand achievement.”
– Independent Clauses

“His deep, emotive voice is the star of this album. It has a singularity to it that makes me think of singers like Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.”
– The Modern Folk

“His songs are rich in imagery and texture… I am reminded of folk greats like Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young who moved away from the common formula and created albums that stand out the test of time.”
– Sphere Music

“A fine folk affair.”
– Pure M Magazine

“Cohenesque… A dextrous lyricist with an ear for gentle melody.”
– Whisperin and Hollerin

“Jeremy gets under the skin of what it is to be… The Morning Sun is a special piece.”
– Song Club East Blog

“Guitars plucked to perfection, rich vocals and lyrics that are as imaginative as they are touching, ‘Carry the Fire’ is an album that could compete with the best folk artists of modern times.”
– Right Chord Music

“Richly characterful, resonant vocals and idiosyncratic delivery with tones that draw maximum impact from the feeling locked into his songs.”
– FolkWords

“Rather beautiful.”
– Amazing Radio’s Aaron Phillips

Photograph of Jeremy Tuplin courtesy of Holly Whittaker Photography 2017.

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NEW RELEASE: Astronaut (The Single) by Jeremy Tuplin

Released today, 15 September 2017 we are chuffed to present the stunning new single by Jeremy Tuplin, ‘Astronaut’.

Buy now using the Bandcamp widget (above) or via any digital distribution outlet Worldwide.

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