Folkwit Records was established in 2003 by the members of folk-roots ensemble Palava initially as a means of self-releasing new recordings.  However, it soon developed into the small independent label that it is today with a diverse roster representing music ranging from alternative folk roots and alt country through to lo-fi and experimental music.

Some of our releases our conventional in the sense that the CDs are commercially manufactured and distributed through Proper Distribution.  Others are limited edition individually home-packaged CDs/CDRs (e.g Pulco).

Over the last few years, Folkwit has worked with many artists from the UK and beyond.  We are essentially passionate about music and take great pleasure in working with equally passionate artists.

Recent years have seen the development of working partnerships with like-minded labels facilitating the UK release and distribution: Radio Khartoum (USA), ,,Songs&Whispers” (Germany), Brus & Knaster / Playground Music (Sweden), Matamore (Belgium), Friendly Noise (Sweden), Humpty Dumpty (Belgium), Barnyard Records (Canada) and Microbe (France).

Thanks to our friends at Radio Khartoum we are now able to distribute selected titles through Darma to retail outlets in the USA, Japan and beyond. We also have a reciprocal arrangement for releases in Germany and Benelux through ,,Songs&Whispers”.


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