Rebecca Clamp – Subba Cultcha review

A review of Rebecca Clamp‘s Key to The City from Subba Cultcha:

“Following a long lay off Helsinki’s adopted songstress Rebecca Clamp lets off the happiness on this quirky collection of piano led songs, a satisfying mix of assured classical songwriting and her off-kilter poetry.

Her striking chords and melodies may owe more than a small debt to that of Tori Amos or Fiona Apple (before she seemingly disappeared off the musical radar), whilst songs written about bearded lady saints St Wilgefortis amongst other whimsical subjects keeps your ear.

Unlike (the) previous album, Nocturnal Leap, this a far more social affair with a great baritone guest turn on Hard Creating breaking up the solitary arrangements.

Key To The City isn’t going to grapple for your attention or steal the spotlight but those waiting to discover it are gonna feel as though they’ve stumbled upon something special.”
– Mike Caulfield, Subba Cultcha

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