Rebecca Clamp – 4 Star Review in R2

Rebecca Clamp‘s wonderful new album Key to The City gets a 4 star review in the latest R2 magazine:

“English-born Rebecca Clamp has swapped the spires of Cambridge for the chillier climes of Finland, where she’s now based. Living in a wooden house, she “talks to the squirrels and falls over in the snow” (or so she says on her Myspace”.

Her 2005 debut Nocturnal Leap introduced a singular new voice. This follow-up, a love letter to her adopted home of Helsinki, moves the story on. Her eloquent piano playing is now bedded with guitar and percussion. As before the lyrics are quirky, unexpected and intriguing. A snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, she has an ear for the striking simile – ‘like daffodils dipped in liquid nitrogen’ (from Epiphany) being just one of many. She leaves the best track for last, ‘Saint Wilgefortis’, a hymn of praise to ‘the patron saint of bearded ladies’, is the zaniest thing I’ve heard in ages.

Just one criticism. ‘Normally I’m twenty people in a day’, she sings in ‘100 Cold Kisses’. Her vowel-sounds oscillate as if she can’t decide whether she’s British or American. I wish she’d let the English accent win through. Comparisons with Tori Amos or Suzanne Vega may be good for business, but this lady’s selling point is truth-to-oneself.” ****
Phillip Ward, R2/Rock’n’Reel, May 2011

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