Jezz Hall – 4 star review in R2

R2’s Dai Jeffries tells it like it is.  As we’ve maintained for some time Jezz Hall‘s Silhouette Man is simply a brilliant album:

“Some singer-songwriters you have to work at.  Others smack you squarely between the eyes and demand your attention.  Jezz Hall is one of the latter and his third album is a knockout.

As the first track ‘Solid Ground’, reached its gloriuos climax I thought it had to be a one-off but ‘Dark Day’ continues in the same vein. ‘House’ reminds me lyrically of a young Al Stewart, albeit in a more wordly-wise incarnation, but then comes ‘Beautiful City’.  It begins as a ramblingacoustic guitar piece to which is added a lyric that sounds ancient and mysterious.  And there are nine more tracks with the magnificent ‘Spider’s Web’ still to come.

Jezz has an excellent band behind him: Tom Dempsey, drums; Andy Hill plays bass and electric guitar; Nick Acons provides fiddle, mandolin, mandola and guitar, complementing Jezz’s guitar, mandolin and harmonica.  With additional piano, cwello and backing vocals there’s a relaxed, timeless feel to the music even when they are belting out the traditional ‘Country Blues’.  It’s as though playing these songs is the most natural thing in the world.  Enthusiastically recommended.” ****
-Dai Jeffries, R2/Rock’n’Reel, May 2011

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