NEW RELEASE: Odessey & Oracle and The Casiotone Orchestra – Odessey & Oracle

French band Odessey & Oracle‘s debut album is a wonderfully inventive example of baroque pop…

Release date: 1 June 2015

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“…a mad, maverick and kaleidoscopically wilful disc, one that’s perhaps not all that easy to fully assess on even a half-dozen plays, but it nevertheless reaps considerable rewards for me. Geddit!”
– David Kidman, FATEA

“…very enjoyable.”
– Dai Jeffries,

“Having just reviewed this for issue #48 of Shindig! and completely fallen in love with this French trio’s charms we’re very happy to introduce this wonderful music to a wider audience…(a) pastoral, eccentric and truly brilliant act…”

“Baroque Pop is not one of my favourite names for a genre of music, but it’s as good a description as any for this masterpiece by French band Odessey & Oracle. Simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic, this is a beautiful and very Gallic album whose music seems equally rooted in 60s psych pop, space rock, (slightly twee) C86-style indie, Stereolab (go-to reference for modern French alternative music) and baroque/classical music.”
– Pun-Based Name

“One of the most original sound creations of French music in recent years.”
– Gianfranco Marmoro, Ondarock (IT)

“”Wide-eyed, accomplished, orchestrated and in love with an era that deserves the attention, Odessey & Oracle and the Casiotone Orchestras are not only a fun addition to the baroque-pop canon, but a great reminder of what made that scene so special.”
– Edward Charlton, Clicky Clicky Music Blog (US)

Taking their name from The Zombies 1968 cult album, Odessey & Oracle embrace the spirit of 60s psychedelia and experimentalism through a particularly ornate musical styling often referred to as baroque pop.

By no means an attempt to replicate 60s psychedelia, their music is instead influenced by the optimism and expressive freedom of that era. Their music draws its influences from a broad spectrum: from early classical music (medieval, baroque, renaissance) through to contemporary electronic music and is expressed through expansive and sophisticated arrangements featuring instruments ancient (viola da gamba, baroque cello, flute) and modern (electric pianos, Dobro, banjo, analogue synthesizers).

In the process of recording their first album, Odessey & Oracle drew on the support of a dozen musician friends who recorded vocals and instrumental parts giving birth to a speculative band called The Casiotone Orchestra (hence the album title).

Comparisons have been made with the music of The Left Banke, Brian Wilson, Robert Wyatt and the High Llamas.

Odessey & Oracle are:

Fanny L’HÉRITIER : lead vocals, baroque cello and electromechanical piano
Alice BAUDOIN : electric harpsichord, analog synths, recorders and vocals
Guillaume MÉDIONI : guitar, dobro resonator guitar, banjo, viola da gamba and vocals


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