ODESSEY & ORACLE – Shindig! Review

Shindig! magazine is back! The relaunch edition, Issue 48 features a 5-star review of Odessey & Oracle‘s ‘Odessey & Oracle and the Casiotone Orchestra‘:

“The continental contingency (Georgio Tuma, Balduin, Jacco Gardner, Sudden Death of Stars, The Limifianas, Orval Carlos Sibellius) have always been more experimental, weirder and interesting than their UK and US counterparts. French trio (two girls and a boy) Odessey & Oracle certainly win the prize for being the most magical, strange and beautiful.

Circling around avant-garde classical elements (akin to Smile and Van Dyke Parks), folk (there’s a lot of the girly elements of The Incredible String Band, and the forlorn ‘The Cat With Lipstick’ could very well be Vashti Bunyan fronting The Beach Boys) and the layered synths and sound art of electronica originators Mort Garson and Bruce Haak, Odessey & Oracle have a beguiling sound that really can only be described as supernatural. Innocence and the unknown, childishness and the surreal lie at the centre of this, on one hand organic and on the other futuristic, suite of twisted brilliance.” *****
– Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Shindig!

Shindig! is a highly influential, truly independent magazine with passion and style – for more, click on the image below:

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