NEW RELEASE: Melody Cycle – Jack and the’

Sunny, Gallic-flavoured Orchestral pop from Scotland!

Jack and The’ is the musical project of Julien Lonchamp, a Frenchman-in-exile (for some years now, in Edinburgh) whose music combines catchy melodies with complex orchestrations and cascading harmonies, in the great tradition of the orchestral pop of the 60s and beyond.

The story behind Melody Cycle is one of great determination and patience with the album taking four years of painstaking work to produce. Written and recorded in Edinburgh, Dublin and Nancy (France) over two years, it features no less than 18 musicians, including a brass quintet and the 7-piece Apostrophe Ensemble. Needless to say clarinet, trombone, vibraphone, cello all feature but you will also hear at times, banjo, sitar and many other instruments as the band goes full circle from pop to chamber music to jazz. It’s a work of love and devotion we feel, well worth the wait.

In contrast Jack and The’s debut album Vacation (a pop manifesto) was written during Lonchamp’s “unfortunate” PhD in food science in Dublin. Swapping research on lettuce aromas for home recording, he then entrusted his songs to the crème de la crème of French pop producers (Orwell, Variety-Lab and Cascadeur). Originally available in Thailand via Smallroom Records, Vacation was released on Folkwit Records in 2012.

Jack and The’ will be touring Melody Cycle in the UK, France and Belgium in Spring 2016, and word on the street is that they might well be trying to pack the Apostrophe Ensemble in their luggage for a few gigs!

“… a sunny escape, an oasis of happiness, a celebration of music so joyful that it is impossible to resist its infectious melodies”
– Popnews (FR)

“… invokes the entire High Llamas oeuvre, The Divine Comedy, McCartney’s first solo records and makes you wish Dennis Wilson had made more music on his own”

“…sweeping complicated symphonic eccentricity.”
– Charlie Elland, FolkWords

“… building a wonderfully odd umbrella all of their very own out of extended whistling solos and songs about buses, puppeteers and Norwegian lakes”
– Danny Charlton, Amazing Radio


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