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A fine appraisal of the upcoming new album from Snippet:

“Johnno Casson, the man behind the pseudonym, would probably be chuffed if I was to compare him to pop/rap man of the year Plan B; but to do that would be to ignore what makes Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey such an interesting record.

As one track makes way for the next, another influence-cum-soundalike pops into your head, weaving through a list of great Indie-pop-rap-folk artists that have shaped the charts over the last decade.

Super Furry Animals’ simplicity can be found in tracks such as “I Love Your T-Shirt”, “Hiccups” and the catchy “Man Without Mobile”, with their stories about seemingly everyday situations made interesting through the employ of a catchy beat. The Maccabees may have something to answer for on this count as well…

“The Imposter” is a gentle rap, in the style that Ed Sheeran is currently spearheading and enjoying so much success with. “Get Over Yourself” sounds so much like Midnite Vultures’-era Beck I had to check he wasn’t involved in some way (he’s not).

“Beestings” is a pleasure with clever plays on words and tongue-twisters in the style of Dogs Die In Hot Cars then there’s “Chip Off The Old Block”, which reminds of Reverend And The Makers, with its cocky lyrics over a simple rhythm and the repeating motif of the chorus.

“Aint It Always The Quiet Ones” is a little spooky – an instrumental that sounds like the opening to Garbage’s “I Think I’m Paranoid” on a loop that took me straight back to the late 90s.

So what to make of this conglomerate tribute to feel-good music? Well, in the words of closing track “Among The Hedgerows”, ‘…all we’ve got to do is piece this all together now…’.

It’s a simple conclusion to reach – what Snippet have produced here is a record that is properly upbeat and joyous. With songs ranging from daft to silly to clever, there’s something lyrically here to maintain your attention through the entire album. On top of this are the catchy beats (which pass the getting-stuck-in-your-head test) and the choice of instruments (including ukuleles, string and other, lighter fare) that beam sunshine from your speakers.

A joy to listen to, and a powerful summer Indie-folk package.”
– Simon Middleyard, Vanguard Online

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