NEW RELEASE: Future Melancholy Pop Music – Johnno Casson aka Snippet

We are chuffed to announce the release of the brilliant new album by Johnno Casson aka SnippetFuture Melancholy Pop Music.

Future Melancholy Pop Music is an honest and mature album with a sarcastic and playful underbelly, offering 15 beautifully crafted pop songs of love, loss and life. It’s Johnno’s biggest, boldest and most thought provoking album to date and we invite you to try a slice of Future Melancholy Pop Music.

“… Johnno Casson never loses his knack for catchy sing-along melodies or his love of ear candy and intricate arrangements that somehow combine 70s pop clichés, indie tongue-in-cheek quirkyness, and warbling psychedelica…Future Melancholy Pop Music is a record to be savoured, slowly and patiently, and gently allow yourself to get drawn into Johnno Casson’s unique lyrical and musical universe.”
– Phil Vanderyken, Folk Radio UK

“If you’re unfamiliar then you’re missing a treat. His brand of adult pop is second to none. Songs of depression and the classes, and mentions of Donald Trump and racism are wrapped in some of the most fascinating sugar coated music around.”
– Paul Scott-Bates, Louder Than War

“With Future Melancholy Pop Music, Johnno offers an album that is thought-provoking and intimate. Speaking to issues and emotions that we British generally prefer to restrain behind a stiff upper lip, he opens a window upon elements of life and society that, left unaired, harbour pain. This is a brave collection, delivered through compelling vocals and wrapped in accomplished musicianship.”
– Flo Bannigan, The Revue

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If you purchase Future Melancholy Pop Music any time from iTunes from now until 7 days after the release date, email us at with proof of purchase and we will send you a link for 3 exclusive bonus tracks. Go check it out now:

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