NEW RELEASE: Human Cry – John Southworth

John Southworth‘s latest album Human Cry is delicate and understated, yet lyrically and musically brim full of colour and expression. A true songwriting talent! – Released in the UK on Folkwit on 19 September 2011:

Human Cry – John Southworth – £8.99 + P&P

  1. You Lead Me To Believe
  2. River Of Tears In Everyone
  3. Sadness Came Back
  4. Day Of The Dead
  5. Tender Mountain Eyes
  6. Human Cry
  7. The Kiss
  8. Heaven Was Always Here
  9. So Glad It’s Finally Spring
  10. You Look So Good This Evening
  11. Precious Metals
  12. I’m A Bell


“Canada’s best kept secret”
Stewart Mason, CriticalMob

“…embellished with gorgeous, winding melodies and dizzying lyrical excursions that take you far from humdrum reality.”
– Chris Evans, Broadcaster (The Curveball) & Journalist (Full article below.)

“Most people don’t know what to make of John Southworth but that should change here: there’s nothing mysterious about the simple magic at the core of Human Cry”
– Michael Barclay, Radio Free Canuckistan

“A truly true original”
– Steve Guimond, The Hour

“Human Cry is his most staggering release to date. This record is a must have.”
– Joe Gurba, Argue Job

“What an artist!”
Pedalad Asa Buenritmo

“Remarkably straightforward, beautiful and powerful. Take the time to listen”

“True to its title, Human Cry is an intimate experience….”
– David Boyle, FFWD Weekly

“No one does vulnerable better than John Southworth”
– John Terauds, Toronto Star

“…he roams across the acoustic spectrum setting his light on any given candle in an aural chandelier, something which may explain why so many artists have perfomed his songs in his home base of Canada. The common theme throughout the album is the quality. He is a man who makes every sound meaningful.”
– Neil King, FATEA

“Best live show of 2010, will renew your faith in music”
Tom Powers, CBC Radio Canada

“Wonderful, sylvan, sprightly, uber-bolangaire, peculiar and smart.”
Guy Maddin, Canadian film maker

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