NEW RELEASE: Lit Up With Sorrow – Rebecca Clamp and Hans Wessels

Rebecca Clamp’s latest album sees her join forces with Hans Wessels to create a delightfully emotive and beautifully arranged collection of original songs…

Lit Up With Sorrow is Rebecca Clamp‘s third album to date and the second to be recorded in and inspired by her adopted home of Finland. This time she is joined by the considerable talents of her partner and collaborator, Hans Wessels. The album builds on Clamp’s already established reputation as a fine original songwriter. Her debut, Nocturnal Leap getting some rave reviews (5 stars R2). Her last album Key to The City earned a 4 star review in R2/Rock’n’Reel and prompted Rychard Carrington (R2/Moving Tone) to comment, “Rebecca Clamp’s music is like the very finest of wines.” Neil King of FATEA noted, “Rich in description and tone, the simple combination of Ms Clamp’s voice and piano are at times deeper than a school of philosophers and far easier to listen to.”

This album is distinctly, and rather wonderfully different. Clamp has retained her trademark quirkiness and optimism throughout the lyrics (despite some of the songs exploring darker themes) but it is the depth and breadth of the arrangements that really strike the listener – electronic percussion and instrumentation, plucked strings of ukulele and guitar, Clamp’s distinctive piano and the sweet vocal harmonies from both Clamp and Wessels. It’s a gentle, emotionally provocative album with songs that are illuminated with a deep sense of hope and resilience.


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