NEW RELEASE: Not A Drawing – Daniel Carlson

Not A Drawing is Daniel Carlson’s latest album following on from 2014’s Me You You Me (“…sheer unhurried bliss.” – God is in The TV) and 2010’s critically acclaimed Aviary Jackson (“…the great-grandchild of Sergeant Pepper’s…” **** – R2/Rock ‘n’ Reel )

Not A Drawing is the result of a deeply considered and meticulously executed vision by the artist and his most accomplished work to date.

In the words of the artist himself:

“Initially, I was going to work with the same crew as Me You You Me (all L.A. session players – all amazing musicians) but, once I got done with what I thought were the demos, it was clear to me that they had a feel that was worth keeping. So then I thought that maybe I’d go out to LA and do some overdub sessions with those guys, but by the time I had time to do it, the songs had evolved even further. At that point, I decided that I’d finish it up in NYC and reached out to famed producer Michael Leonhart to see about him helping me finish, but it didn’t look like he’d have time in the near future. However, we did spend an afternoon listening to what I had and he had a key piece of advice: ‘less Paul McCartney, more Pink Floyd,’ which was where I’d wanted to go anyway (more synths, more dreaminess).”

Here’s the video for Cloudy People taken from Not A Drawing:

Here’s the video for Problems taken from Not A Drawing:


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