NEW RELEASES: from Belgian bands Joy & Mièle

In association with Humpty Dumpty Records, Belgium, we are proud to present two excellent albums from Joy & Mièle:

Joy – Joy

Intense and powerful indie pop from former Venus front man…

Joy – Joy – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Empire
  2. Mirage
  3. Long Way Around The Sea
  4. Cold And Storm
  5. Flag
  6. Sword
  7. Vertigone
  8. No. 7
  9. Endless Song


“…remarkable…a (future) major new group has written the first chapter of its work.”

“…melancholic rock with almost disarming integrity.”
– Fete de la Communaute Francaise

“A haunting timbre, an acoustic accompaniment with flights of electric riffs, the Joy on Myspace is not enough (we want more!)…”

“…beautiful and intense. Fans of Venus will listen (and cherish).”
– Out of Breath

“…rock music and classical baroque accents, all tinged with a little dark romance.”
– Telebruxelles

“…beautiful rich musical textures, neatly structured with the precision of a Swiss watch…Huygens sings of alcohol, loss and love in a way reminiscent of Bonnie Prince Billy…”

Le jour et la nuit – Mièle

Delightful indie pop from Belgium band Mièle. Beautifully performed and sung entirely in French Le jour et la nuit is great collection of elegant bitter-sweet songs.

Le jour et la nuit – Mièle – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Le jour et la nuit
  2. Chateaux de sable
  3. La chose
  4. Tu n’es pas là
  5. La Lumière
  6. La Veilleuse
  7. Campari Orange
  8. L’inventaire
  9. Corps fluorescents
  10. Dans la nuit


“Four years after their debut, Mièle are back with even more charm…reminiscent of the great French pop of the 80s. Very exciting.”
– Le Soir *

“Valiantly presenting their pop-rock in the language of Molière…fresh and unpretentious…Stéphane Daubersy and Catherine De Biasio share the microphone with a great sense of complicity.”
– Télémoustique *

“…with twinkling melodies and sheer elegance…simple song-writing confirming the old adage that ‘less is more’.”
– Metro *

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