NEW RELEASE: Children of Men – NEW SINGLE by Dan Maitland

Written & performed by Dan Maitland
Produced by Tim Palmer
Video by Trevor Blackman

Go buy it at one of these links below:

CB Baby

“This song ‘ Children of men’ is about or vaguely related to the recent London riots.

Then, having fixed this thorny issue, we then wandered off into the world to see what other silliness men are doing to each other.

It occured to me that the reason for us being generally and reliably so useless and reactionary may be that we are mostly children and never really have time to grow up. And we are mostly children because our parents were mostly children – right up to the end. Children of children.

I would like to mention Trevor Blackman for his excellent video and Tim Palmer for his excellent production – plus a bit of musical input too on this one (so he’ll be sharing my huge royalty cheque)

It’s a good song; why not buy it and then I can give them both some richly deserved wages.”
– Dan Maitland

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