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Le jour et la nuit by Mièle reviewed in Shout4music.com:

“Belgian chamber pop, sung in lustful panting French. ‘Le jour et la nuit’ is a shimmery opener: a slinky bass line beds the whispery vocals of Stéphane (male) and a tingle-tastic chorus takes us to a gentle gasping climax. ‘Châteaux de sable’ is a sweeter indie confection, sung by Catherine (female) with a little Hawaiian chic, perfect for streaking down the Rue de Berri in Nicole’s Renault Clio. My incomprehension only makes the music sexier. ‘La chose’ speeds things up with a pulsing bass, slick duel vocals, and toe-tapping guitar lines, blasting into a marvellous flash-fire chorus a moment later. Incroyable! ‘Tu n’es pas là’ introduces a bell to the proceedings and a classy backing organ over Catherine’s fast-firing verses. ‘La lumiére’ is a darker number: all shadowy sass and irresistible Gallic sibilance. ‘La veilleuse’ is dreamy! Oh Paris, mon amour, ma chérie! ‘Campari Orange’ is nice, though a little samey. ‘L’inventaire’ takes it up a notch: almost rocking hard for a moment before the pop sugar returns. ‘Corps fluorescents’ has a creative bass line and repeats a few guitar shimmers from before, but uses a nice little blipping effect. ‘Dans la nuit’ is a charming bedtime lullaby, a perfect closer. In summary: cet album est fantastiques. S’il vous plaît acheter cet album dès aujourd’hui! For the non-Belgians: I like this.” 8/10
– Mark Nicholls, Shout4music.com

See the review here.

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