NEW RELEASE – Tree – Wim Oudijk

It’s Tree time! An extraordinary new album from Dutch maestro, the irrepressible Wim Oudijk – out now as a digital release:

Tree – Wim Oudijk (f0070) – Digital Release


“Imagine a parallel universe where Brian WIlson and Van Dyke Parks had been allowed to complete Smile in 1967; where Mike Love’s objections were recognised for the mewling drivel they were, and the album became a global smash hit. Now imagine that a Capitol Records executive had been dispatched 12 months later to ask a fully-functioning Brian if he could deliver more of the same – only this time to make it even further out. Wim Oudijk’s ‘Tree’ is what it would have sounded like.”
– Chris Evans, Journalist & Broadcaster (The Curve Ball, WCR FM)

Wim Oudijk

More here or here (Bandcamp)

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