NEW RELEASE: Lights Over The Lake – No Thee No Ess

No Thee No Ess is a collaboration between two established figures in the South Wales arts and indie music scene – Andy Fung (Dererro, Cymbient) and Paul Battenbough (King of Despair). Writing and recording together in a free-form way, the songs have grown organically through a process similar to that used by the pair when creating their psychedelic paintings.

Lights Over The Lake is the bands third album and builds on an approach to music first heard in their self-released Winter EP (2011) – Folk-rock with densely layered sounds, intricate backing vocals, harmonies and soaring strings alongside guitar feedback, ambient noise and electronica. It’s a wonderfully complex and engaging album with great songs, catchy tunes and a definite nod towards 60s psychedelia!

Lights Over The Lake – No Thee No Ess – £8.99 + P&P
CD packaged in a beautifully designed limited edition hand-printed sleeve created by the artists themselves.

  1. Space Instrumental
  2. Waiting For A King
  3. Let’s Get Away
  4. Distant Songs
  5. Birds
  6. Devastated City
  7. Leaving The City
  8. The Sponsor’s Song
  9. Flying In Dreams
  10. Really Miss
  11. Loop Tape
  12. Good For Me
  13. Siamese Fighter
  14. Deep Dark Wood


“Lights Over The Lake brings to mind some esteemed comparisons – Pavement and Flaming Lips to name two – and its opening trio succeeds in living up to them. Instrumental intro, Space Instrumental drives through a haze of ambience, while lush harmonies and instrumental soundscapes emphasise the melancholy of Waiting For A King. Meanwhile, Let’s Get Away For A While wouldn’t sound out of place on The Soft Bulletin…perhaps repeated listens will reveal a Pet Sounds in waiting.”
– JOC, The Miniature Music Press –

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