NEW RELEASE: Summon The Crows – Nimming Ned

Nimming Ned simply do what they know best – playing rowdy folk and telling their colourful tales in a highly infectious and distinctive style. Rising folk festival favourites, the band have now committed 8 of their songs to their debut album, Summon The Crows.

Summon The Crows – Nimming Ned – £7.99 + P&P
CD packaged in a gatefold card pocket sleeve with a unique Nimming Ned beer mat.

  1. The Hermit
  2. Glass Half Full
  3. Tom Ferris
  4. Into The Ether
  5. Farewell
  6. Elsie Mo
  7. Mr Blood
  8. Crowman

“Distinctive English folk rock. The songs deliver a cry of freedom with their ‘way of life’ statements, biting lyrics and memorable, engaging melodies.”
– Tim Caroll, Folkwords

“It’s infectious high energy folk”
– Iain Hazlewood, Spiral Earth

“Things seem to have been really happening for Nimming Ned since we last caught up with them. For a start they’ve doubled in size, now a four piece and signed to Nottingham avent garde folk indie, Folkwit and it’s from there that they released full blown album “Summon The Crows”. The fuller sound makes the band more accessible, gives more depth to the hobo folk blues, which bizarrely and mainly through Chris Woods vocal styly and Jim Walker’s fiddle seems to take on an almost Nivarnaesque quality. “Summon The Crows” atmosphere, it’s good honest fun and great value.”
-Neil King, FATEA

“Top band, one of the highlights of the Festival”
– The Big Session Organisers

“Nimming Ned are just great! Great fun, great music & a great atmosphere.”
– Edinburgh Fringe Review

“Folkwit flexes its fine wings and allows some proper rowdiness…Farewell is outstanding – an exciting taste of what this band is capable of.”
– John Shaw, BBC Radio Nottingham

“I love the guys big rootsy sound”
-Mick Smith, BBC Radio Nottingham

“…delighted everyone with their genuine warmth and gentle humour.”
– Candlelit Acoustic

“The Neds were great…really bright and funny.”
-Burnham Folk Festival

“If there was an award for jumpy, exciting, gutsy acoustic folk rock…these guys would win it!”
– Tim Carroll, Folkwords

More about Nimming Ned here.

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