Tree – Leicester Bangs Review

“Wim Oudijk is a 69 year old Dutch musician, arranger and producer who found commercial success with bands The Navel Orange Choir (1976 -80) and Trespassers W (1984- 2000) and he has since collaborated widely and released a number of solo works.

“Tree” is an ecological conceptual work telling the story of the birth, aging, death and many possible afterlives of a tree. It takes its lead both stylistically and thematically from the works of Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (think “Day in the Life of a Tree” from “Surf’s Up” and the psychedelic genre juxtapositions found on “Smile”).

Oudijk’s chapters pass from stoned wonderment and amazement at the miracle of the tree – and its self-perpetuation – through the trees felling and then on to marvel at the human race’s immense reliance on wood as a resource, commodity and religious icon. He takes into account the progressive Canterbury Scene, baroque-pop, Latin, classical, folk, psychedelic affectation and a tinge of Zappa to navigate through the episodes – or seasons – musically.

Perhaps “Tree” is a little out of time, hippy-dippy and nostalgic for times passed, but then again aren’t most of the best things?”
– Willsk, Leicester Bangs

Check out the album for yourself – here.

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