Tree by Wim Oudijk – Outside the Cube Review

Great review of Wim Oudijk’s album Tree from Outside the Cube:

“Opening with the modern instrumentation of piano and chainsaw, the first track on Wim Oudijk’s cd, Tree, quickly saunters into a baroque melody but spins itself into a 1960’s/70’s reminiscent progression of pop music magic. Part 2 of the album kicks a little bit harder. It informs us that our journey isn’t about the singular tracks on the cd as much as it’s about telling the entire story. We also notice that this beautifully thematic album must have been born or at least conceived in an era when the greatest name in acid jazz were in full force.

Wim really does take us through a theatrical stage performance of sound. He creates images that aren’t easy to shake. So many emotions are conjured up through listening to this cd the first time, and so many memories and feelings of nostalgia come to the surface. Still, it’s safe to say that you’ve never heard anything like it.
Wim Oudijk is certainly one of a kind. He’s the living embodiment of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and Leonard Bernstein and his style and talent are timeless and fantastic. That is the perfect truth behind this creation. Reader, be aware, that when you listen to Tree, it won’t just grow on you… it will grow and grow and grow.”
– Eblison Grun

More about Wim Oudijk here.

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