NEW RELEASE: The Man of Lists – Pulco

Out today, the latest work from the prolific Pulco (aka Ash Cooke) is a collaborative album – Cooke’s spoken word set against an eclectic musical soundscape provided by a plethora of fine musicians…

The Man of Lists – Pulco – £7.99 + P&P
25 track CD package – includes a 42-page poetry book.

Preview this album and get the CD + instant download package at Bandcamp.

Read the story behind the album here:


“An eclectic mixture of instrumentation and melody styles underscore the lyrics, from electro to indie, from Eastern European jazz to folk. The storytelling and descriptive poetry is simultaneously evocative and simple throughout, projecting a well-defined, happy ambience…Lovely.”
– JA, The Miniature Music Press

“Wildly prolific and consistently inventive, the one-time Derrero leader is at it again. Man of Lists…is a collection of collaborations with various artists. It’s a sort of spoken word exercise but also an experiment in risk-taking. By working with so many musicians to produce these cuts, Ashley Cooke has somehow strengthened his own point of view as an artist. No matter what sonic background bobs-and-weaves behind him, Ash is consistent…Ashley Cooke has found his calling in the musical world. Now tell your friends and get this record.”
– A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Once again Pulco has delivered an album that music lovers will instantly embrace and treasure. It is a shame John Peel is no longer with us to give this album the national airplay it deservers.”
– Steve Tay, A Musical Priority

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