Joyce The Librarian

Folkwit Records is pleased to announce the signing of Joyce The Librarian. Their new single Follow Me I’m Right Behind You is released on 24 September followed by the release of their debut full album They May Put Land Between us in November.

Follow Me I’m Right Behind You – Release date: 24 September 2012

About Joyce The Librarian:

Joyce the Librarian are a new folk/acoustic ensemble from Bristol lead by singer-songwriter Martin Callingham. Their music is soft and understated and disarmingly beautiful in its simplicity. Their self-released debut EP The Weight of the Line attracted airplay and some great reviews:

“Their sound is understated but undeniably beautiful.” – Ian Parker, For Folk’s Sake

“…satisfyingly grand for a debut EP…hit the replay button; there are new things to discover with each listen.” – Taylor Nugent, Thank Folk For That

“Gorgeous debut release from everso gentle Bristol folkies…Our Day Will Come they softly sing and with songs as beautiful as these they needn’t worry, indeed it surely will.” – Subba-Cultcha

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