Window Shopping: Americana UK Review

New review of Window Shopping – Johnno Casson’s upcoming release from Americana UK:

“Casson mixes the suburban in this mixture of Luke Haines, the Kinks and Lightspeed Champion; a rich tapestry, a thoroughly English mixture of folk and pop. There’s a concentration on building a rich picture with a rush of lyrics ‘Everybody’s Got Sides’ is typical with a blockbuster of a chorus following verses that unpick the mundane. Listening to his songs is like starting a mid-morning mid-week journey on the tube from Epping and ending up in Oxford Circus.

The mixture of minor chords and melancholy and the major chords of the choruses gives the songs a tension and a sense of journey. Often they build from drab unpromising beginnings before gradually opening up flowering into musical barbs that find purchase in your mind. ‘Window Shopping’ illustrates this rather well. To some extent the songs are like wallflowers, happy to mooch shyly in the shadows until they get some attention, then they come to life. ‘Disguised as Love’ is an East End Brian Wilson on a budget, full of orchestral touches and multiple melodies and harmonies.

You might know Casson as Snippet; he’s released a series of EP’s and one full length under that moniker, and those releases are more electronic, more playful. Here he’s showing his bruises, his sensitive side. An unbilled additional track takes us further into Essex though it’s a long way from the plastic TOWIE view of the county.”
– Dave Cowling, Americana UK

Window Shopping – Release date: 8 October 2012

Pre-Order Now: £8.99 + P&P

Alternatively visit Bandcamp to pre-order the download album +/- the CD:

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