Coming soon: DYLAN MONDEGREEN by Dylan Mondegreen

Out next week, an album of elegant, sophisticated orchestral pop from Norway…

DYLAN MONDEGREEN – Dylan Mondegreen (f0087)

“…flawlessly written and performed, and produced with uncommon skill and grace… it’s likely one of the best singer/songwriter records of 2012, and most any year that came before.”
– Tim Sendra,

“All in all this is not only masterfully crafted; it is beautifully composed and elegantly produced…”
– Band Of Banjo Playing Badgers

“Highly recommended.”
– Pete Fyffe, UK Folk Music Magazine

“…a lovely, serene album for lovers of well-crafted, expansive pop.” (Rating=8)
– Rhythm & Booze

“…easy to listen to…refreshing and new…” ★★★★★
– Rhys Maroney, AAA Music

More here.

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