Threatmantics: Sweeping the Nation Top 50

Kid McCoy by Threatmantics makes the Sweeping the Nation – top 50 for 2012 – not bad for an album only released a few weeks ago! Check out the list here.

“A revised line-up since their 2008 debut and a departure from Domino have brought about a change of scope in the Cardiff band, a guitar now vying for lead role with a vaguely threatening viola but now with both greater focus and a more jagged, punchier approach to folk-punk art-angularity. Surf rock riffs clash with soaring epiphanies and existential musings, balls-out rock’n’roll deliberately steers down a wrong turning, the result feeling more direct and more willing to take the melodic road less travelled. They resolutely refuse to be stylistically pinned down, neither revivalists nor too outre but willing to tightrope walk the choppy seas between.”
– Sweeping The Nation

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