Threatmantics – First reviews and airplay!

Last night Threatmantics were played on Huw Stephen‘s BBC Radio 1 show – hot on the heels of airplay from Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales) and the album (Kid McCoy) being featured as album of the week on Radio Cymru.

We have the first few reviews in too:

“Quirky lyrical themes abound here even when you least expect it. ‘Apple Tree’ is a beautiful Mumford and Sons-like love story, all gently strummed guitars before the all-important discovery that the object of the protagonist’s affection is in fact a plasticine model. ‘Archaopteryx’ must surely be one of the strangest reference points for a song possible in its theme of palaeontology (“underneath those pretty feathers, you’ve got something to hide”). It sees band members singing different lyrics over the top of each other and a striking a cappella intro. Elsewhere their Celtic roots are clearly apparent with the Welsh language ‘Esgyrn’ and ‘Shotgun Billy’, the latter a potential future soundtrack for a Tarantino-directed spaghetti western. Half spoken vocals, shouting, crashing drums, chanting and strings are all flung into the musical cauldron to create a visceral energetic beast…Kid McCoy is the sound of band with a clearly forged identity who are consistently good if only fleetingly brilliant.”

– Greg Inglis, This Is Fake DIY

“Kid McCoy is an intriguing, enjoyable listen…there’s a weaving undercurrent to the album which blends and mutates from melodic pop sensibilities (The Apple Tree), to dissonant soundscapes (White Otello) and bordering on Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack territory (Shotgun Billy). This is indie surf electric gypsy rock’n’roll…There’s a place in my record collection for it to sit comfortably, just not a pigeon hole for it.”

– Alex, The Miniature Music Press, Cardiff

“Ah, the viola: that most heavenly and yet misunderstood of instruments. The happy medium between the virtuosity of the violin and the pathos of the cello, it is yet the brunt of many a cruel gag. Thankfully Threatmantics are here to show the indie world what this chamber wildcard can do. The alto vibrations merge perfectly with the throaty baritone…energetic, surfy numbers (“Archeopteryx”) cowboyish rock (“Shotgun Billy”) and bass-heavy folk (“Apple Tree”)…A varied but consistently good debut.”

– Sarah L, Inforty

If you’ve not heard it yet, go here to preview/buy the album.

Also available from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and all good online and retails outlets:

Kid McCoy - ThreatmanticsKid McCoy - Threatmantics

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