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Blink and you may have missed it! Last year we released Dylan Mondegreen‘s self-titled 3rd album in the UK on Folkwit Records. It’s a fantastic album – sophisticated indie pop of the highest order. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews below and listen for yourself:

Dylan Mondegreen – Dylan Mondegreen
Release date: 8 October 2012

Order the CD: £8.99 + P&P

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“…flawlessly written and performed, and produced with uncommon skill and grace…it’s likely one of the best singer/songwriter records of 2012, and most any year that came before.”
– Tim Sendra, AllMusic.com (Album Pick)

In December the album was listed in AllMusic’s Favorite Singer/Songwriter Albums of 2012 alongside the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Beth Orton

“Dylan Mondegreen is the pseudonym for the Norwegian recording artist Børge Sildnes and if you’re not at all familiar with the top-knotch quality these Scandinavian indie-pop artists are capable of…all I’m sayin’ is if his live show is any good Jens Lekman will be nervous.”
-Jacob Graham, NME, November 2012

“All in all this is not only masterfully crafted; it is a beautifully composed and elegantly produced…”
Band Of Banjo Playing Badgers

“Reminiscent in many ways of those recordings made by the likes of Cifford T Ward and Al Stewart the tracks featured here will bring a feeling of tranquillity and wash over you with its lush orchestration and gently cooed words. I may sound as if I’m going a bit soft but if you’re as bruised by the battles of every day living…as most of us are…then this album could help alleviate some of those problems. Sit back, relax and enjoy with a nice cup of Horlicks…Highly recommended.”
Pete Fyffe, UK Folk Music Magazine

“…bewitching, expansive symphonic pop topped off with dreamy male/female harmonies and infectious vocal pop hooks that weave an intoxicating and seductive spell on the listener…it’s a widescreen full-bodied album with a near orchestral feel topped off by Borge’s soft almost lulling croon…a lovely, serene album for lovers of well-crafted, expansive pop and heartfelt simplistic tales of love and loss.” (Rating=8)
Rhythm & Booze

“Together with the expertise of Catt, Sildnes achieves deliver an almost perfect independent pop album, where the heart dictates the content, and not vice versa. We invite you to take a step forward in the fantastic and beautiful world of Dylan Mondegreen.”
– We Are Hunted (Spain)

“…a mesmeric gem of a release, a warm breeze over the senses and a sensuous piece of emotive elegance.”
– The Ringmaster Review

“Hold onto your hearts and open your ears, indie-pop fans: your newest crush is Dylan Mondegreen.”
– Three Imaginary Girls

“The sound is sumptuous, warm and well-crafted.”
– Get Ready to Rock!

“His music is sophisticated, orchestral indie-folk-pop and it is that sophistication that sets him apart from your average singer-songwriter. That and his ability to write a catchy melody that still suits a serious lyric.”
– Dai Jeffries, Folking.com

“…a gentle and warm voice…floats gently above the harmony of the backings instrumentals. This album is very easy to listen to; while you are doing housework, relaxing, studying, working or just out and about…refreshing and new,…” ★★★★★
Rhys Maroney, AAA Music

“…dreamy pop in the mold of Prefab Sprout; whimsical without being too twee…There is not much around like this and it is great to hear some quality pop music.”
– David Spencer, Music-News.com

“…an album of tender emotional songs characterised by gentle vocal melodies and rich textures of woodwind, strings and percussion…The overall result is an album of songs you can repeatedly play which increase with depth and interest on each listening.”
– Becky White, Artree

“…this magnificent third album was produced by Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, The Field Mice) and contains nine tracks of  sublime and delicate indie-pop…”
– Indie-Rock.it

“Dylan Mondegreen‘s Baccarach-lite orchestration and arrangement is slick, swish, lush and lucid in perfect measure…”
– Sean Keenan, Trebuchet Magazine

“…it has that wonderful airy, carefree sound to it that borders on easy listening, but with an actual message to deliver. ” ★★★★
– Pete Muscutt, MusicMuso.com

“…a smooth blend of intricate beauty and sublime thought – but tempered with just under the surface pessimism that is surely a product of his geography…Well worth your hard earned pennies.” 7/10
– Andi James Chamberlain, Subba-Cultcha.com

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