THREATMANTICS – A Musical Priority Review

Just published, a great review of Threatmantics terrific new album Kid McCoy:

“For those of you familiar with the Cardiff gig scene, it will probably seem as though you have been waiting an age for an album to be released by one of Cardiff’s finest live bands Threatmantics. Well, finally the wait is over, Threatmantics have finally got around to releasing their debut album through Folkwit Records.

Listening to the album the wait has been more than worth it, the album manages to capture the passion and excitement of the live shows in a jaw dropping manner. What makes this album truly stand out is the way it has been carefully put together and produced, whilst managing to retain the energy of the band.

‘Kid McCoy’ is one of those special albums that does not fit comfortably into one specific genre. This is an album that deserves a category all to itself. From the opener ‘Wazoo’ which instantly embraces the listener with its dark and hypnotic sound to the climatic and rousing closer of ‘Dumpamundo’, you will find every bit of your attention focussed on this great album.

Further highlights include ‘Apple Tree’ which is a beautiful, acoustic led song which you will instantly fall in love with. ‘Lonely Heart’ is another moment of genuine beauty, played out over an incredibly compelling melody, the string section on this song is truly magnificent. ‘Shotgun Billy’ will grab hold of you and never let you go and ‘Don’t Carry’ will take you away to a very peaceful and happy place. The strings and vocals throughout this song once again mark this band out to be one that we should truly treasure.

With ‘Kid McCoy’ Threatmantics have proved themselves to be a band who can be as good on record as what they are live. This is an album which I hope will propel the band on to achieve the mass success they deserve.”
– Steve Tay, A Musical Priority

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