NEW RELEASE: Obituaries – Laish

We are pleased to announce the release of Obituaries the latest album by the wonderful Brighton-based alt folk band Laish.

Obituaries – Laish (f0089)

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Obituaries - LaishObituaries - Laish

  1. Obits
  2. Warm the Wind
  3. Carry Me
  4. Visions
  5. Delicate Creatures
  6. Choice
  7. Obituaries
  8. Petty Ruiner
  9. Discipline
  10. Closer


“This is warm, heartfelt and uplifting stuff – with plenty of lush arrangements and vocal harmonies – but with a robust core that gives its own quiet power. Their subject matter appears to be ‘all human life’ which is the kind of thing to really get your teeth into. And they do.”
– DP, The Crack

“…the lush, percussive Visions has a shimmery acoustic vibe that somehow calls to mind The Sea & Cake, the title track is brilliantly rousing and Warm The Wind would be a smash hit in another, far lovelier universe…a major discovery”
– Lee Fisher, Narc.

“Tackling their self described grit-folk-pop with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, the Brighton based five-piece Laish deliver a solid follow-up in sophomore release Obituaries. Lead Daniel Green entertainingly plays frontman and proves an exceptional storyteller. Lush melodies are the watchword here, with enchanting vocal harmonies and instrumental counterpoint in the form of Emma Gatrill and Martha Rose on clarinet/accordion and violin, respectively. The whole enterprise is grounded in rhythm section Dan Harding (drums) and Patrick Lawrence (bass), who ably keep things moving along nicely.

Title track ‘Obituaries’ begins with a dirge-like call-and-response, then quickly swells into a briskly paced narrative of love and betrayal, its narrator a modern-day kin of Eleanor Rigby. ‘Visions’ sets a lovely mood of personal introspection. Romantic runs of violin and clarinet blend beautifully in ‘Warm the Wind’, a gentle testament of love as it is in real life. ‘Carry Me’ is a particularly bewitching delight, layering the whimsical tale of a penguin and horse over a driving beat and winsome vocals from Daniel, Emma and Martha, the track escalating to a soaring crescendo before ending in a lighthearted breakdown of warm fizzy fun. ‘Choice’ is a playfully upbeat rockabilly number. ‘Delicate Creatures’ and ‘Discipline’ exercise some personal demons (the latter complete with bird whistles!) while providing a showcase for Green’s virtuoso strum/pick guitar technique.

Much as the band is more than the sum of its parts, this is a dish best consumed whole in order to savor its many varied flavors. Rousing and reflective, pensive and philosophical, Obituaries hypnotizes the listener with a dazzling array of sound and lyrics.”
– Amy Michalik, FolkGeek

“…touching, wild and thoughtful, restless and romantic…it confirms Laish as one of the most compelling new English folk bands.”
– Rockerilla Magazine (Italy)

Check out this excellent animated video directed by Mark Nute of the song Carry Me:

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