Today sees the worldwide digital release of the excellent TINY GHOSTS, the new album by CAJITA:

“A chorus of pillow-soft male voices. Every element the right shape and size, hanging together as perfectly as the molecules of a water droplet.”
– Venue Magazine

“A fine, fine blend of esoteric electronica, traditional instrumentation and uplifting, flowing harmonic refinement. Delightfully good.”
– The Organ Magazine

“Freaking great. Just gorgeous.”
– Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, 8mm)

Download the album now from iTunes or Amazon MP3:
'Tiny Ghosts' - Cajita'Tiny Ghosts' - Cajita

Alternatively visit Bandcamp to preview and pre-order the download album +/- the CD (due out on 29 July 2013) – you will get the full album download instantly with the CD album dispatched on 29 July (if you choose that option):

More here.

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