Time now for another look at a Pulco album of old. Today is the turn of ‘Wengen’

It was 2003 and lot had changed in my life. I was married and our son Ifan had just been born.

Between 2000 & 2003 I did do quite a bit of home recording on cassette that I collected under the title ‘I dreamt of Cows’ but it was nothing that I was particularly pleased with. A few of the tracks appeared on a slimmed down version of the album of the same name that I put together a few years ago.

Wengen was recorded between April 2003 and about June 2004 on a Tascam 788 in the loft of our house in Holmesdale street.

Most of the songs came quite easily but some were a bitch! Wengen in particular I found hard to complete and reworked several times. John Peel played it thought so it was worth the effort !!

Often I used to sit on the toilet and wonder what the souvenir miniature cowbell was by our sink. The inscription simply said ‘Wengen’. A quick surf on the net revealed that Wengen was in fact a Swiss ski resort. I turned off the computer feeling well-informed and satisfied. I now knew what Wengen meant and had found the title for the album.


Lyrically the album was fairly autobiographical as usual, but I did manage to get in a complete song about cliff diving!!!

Along the way, as I recorded, Ifans toys slowly found their way onto the tracks. The sea sound at the end of tide is a cot aquarium that plays various soothing sounds and the weird sound behind the song Jungle is from an Asda Halloween cd.

I guess that is what Pulco music is about. It’s as much about the song writing as it is about the found sounds and exploitation of the studios limitations.

Anyway, enjoy the ride as they say.

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