Sorepaw is a raw album that was recorded in raw times !!

Iona and I moved to North Wales in march 2005. We settled into our temporary home with Iona’s mum and dad and the song writing began in between going to work and nesting the kids etc.

I knew that I’d be without a studio for a long time until we found, bought and readied a new home for ourselves, so I decided to concentrate on writing tunes – something of a luxury actually.

We bought the new house in June 06 and began laying out the red tape.

By September 06 I had an album ready in my head but still no studio! I’d written songs that were simply about me and the guitar. I was keen to record something that I could play in its entirety at a gig if I wanted to and this stripped down sort of thing had been knocking around in my mind for a few years.

As the weeks went by I couldn’t wait any longer, so I got down on my knees and dragged out my trusty old 4 – track from under the bed.

Iona bought me some tapes from Tesco and recording began in earnest, in between going to work and nesting the kids etc.


I set up the stuff in the corner of the bedroom, which was the only private space that i could find after hours. It was also the only unoccupied space available in the house after hours. Unoccupied that was apart from the two sleeping baby girls in the beds behind me.

In fact, the girls were present for all of the recording!

Sessions for Sorepaw took place in the evenings once everything was quiet.

In true Pulco style, the songs were recorded, listened to at work on minidisc and then bits were re-recorded again and again until it felt right.

This continued from Sept 06 – Jan 07

The tape wore thin and picked up crackles and pops, door creeks, snoring and flushing toilets. The click of the tape machine appeared before drop-ins – the album had become a classic 4 – track creation.

The album evolved in much the same kind of ad hoc fashion as my life had taken over the previous two years.

I knew that at the end of the day the album would just be a set of geeky old songs sung by a porky bloke with a crap voice but it mean something to me.

I finished the album on thurs 18th Jan 2007 – we went out for food, came back at about 8 pm and put the kids to bed. I set up the 4 – track, got levels and sang the last bit of vocal corrections for ‘Glitches’. I had a bath and watched Eastenders on bbc3.

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