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We continue to explore the wonderful works of Pulco over the past decade in the lead-up to the release of the new album Clay Cutlery. Triceratops is an extraordinary album – “recorded during stolen moments in his wardrobe studio and on Dictaphone beneath the desk at work” it has a spontaneous, sketchbook feel to it underpinned by great songwriting and performance skills. A big favourite at Folkwit HQ, we’ll leave it the man himself to explain further:

2365039388-1Todays album profile is ‘Triceratops’.

It was 2007/8 and our family were now located in the mountain house that we had spent 18 months building. The place was still being finished all around us and as usual my music was created in exceptional and unusual circumstances.

I needed somewhere clean and dust free to set up shop so it seemed like a good idea to keep the recording gear in the wardrobe !

As always, the album was recorded during stolen moments on the Tascam in the wardrobe and on my trusty dictaphone beneath the desk at work.

I had discovered the editing software ‘Audacity’ and used it a lot to layer found sound and effects in the tunes.


The lyrical themes in the songs included shaving, expanding waistlines and a tribute to Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer.

The Hamlet speach from the end of ‘Withnail & I’ found it’s way in to the mix and I used quite a lot of my cheap casio type keyboards.

With Triceratops I continued to include the ad hoc sounds of everyday life. Ifan committed to tape the spontaneous masterpiece that was Billy D Horsey one afternoon out behind the shed and it set the tuneful but experimental tone of the album.

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