NEW RELEASE: from Cavil and The Hepburns

4 October 2010:  Two new releases from US label Radio Khartoum distributed in the UK by Folkwit.  Available in CD or vinyl LP format.


Mare’s Tails – Cavil – £8.99 + P&P

Plastic Bag (That’s my flag) – Cavil

“Like the clouds after which it’s named, Gareth Cavill’s second album hints at unsettled weather ahead. As he traces wistful acoustic patterns over gentle waltzes, his voice delivers memorable lines like “your beautiful mouth is filled with terrible teeth”, while spoken-word closer “Small Moments” praises the simple pleasures of solitude. Those nostalgic for Sarah Records will also revel in “Cold Heaven’s” sparkling crescendo and, especially, “These Things”, whose brushed drums and echoing guitars sound like an English Pennines take on East River Pipe’s intimate sadness.”

—Wyndham Wallace, Uncut

“…hard not to fall in love with…a calm and contented collection of gentle folksy lullabies in the best possible taste.”

—Charlotte Otter, Music Week

Available now on CD and vinyl LP from Folkwit Records – more here.


How The Falleng Are Mighty – The Hepburns – £8.99 + P&P

Delores – The Hepburns

“…a catalogue of fine songwriting that the more fresh-faced hordes of indiepopsters would give their right arms for….”

– Sounds XP

“…this band can tell a fabulous musical story both delightful and innovative, totally classic pop…”

– Leicester Bangs

“How the Fallen Are Mighty is the work of a poet. A mosaic of witty, fantastical, individualistic songs that sound well alone and collectively form a breathtaking panorama of lyrical imagery and eclectic sound. I don’t know where this work stands in today’s polluted pop waters, but I fancy that back in the more bracing airs of 1981 it would have been celebrated as the major achievement it surely is.”

– Mike Alway, él Records

Available now on CD and vinyl LP from Folkwit Records – more here.

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