NEW RELEASE: Clay Cutlery – Pulco

Clay Cutlery is the latest album from PulcoRelease date: 22 July 2013

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Clay Cutlery - PulcoClay Cutlery - Pulco

“On this new album I’ve been continuing to explore the theme of sonic autobiography that has been creeping into my music over the last few years.

Using field recordings of places I’ve been to, odd rhythm loops made using simple iPad apps and my trusty £15 guitar the songs have evolved and unfolded as I have worked on them.

Over the summer I made recordings of the sounds in Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire and the great organ in St David’s Cathedral to name but a few and these have all become part of the music.

Some of the tracks have become recognisable songs and others are just sound collages. Any vocals that were done have been one take improvisations drawing lyrics from the first book or magazine that came to hand

I wanted the tunes to be quite fresh & spontaneous.”
– Ash Cooke aka Pulco

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