NEW RELEASE: Quiet Town – Roger Tarry

Roger Tarry‘s superb new album Quiet Town, is the latest release from Folkwit:

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Quiet Town - Roger TarryQuiet Town - Roger Tarry

“Quiet Town proves a most accomplished record, contemplative in tone and blessed with textures that are feather-light yet substantial…fragile and poignantly expressive music on this treasurable disc.”

– David Kidman, FATEA Magazine

“Quiet Town opens with the plaintive dustbowl ballad ‘It’s Not You’, recorded live with long-time collaborator Caroline Martin, evoking memories of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings at their best. Tracks like ‘Cropsy’ and ‘They Have Never’ offer a much darker hinterland, accompanied by Lizz Lipscombe’s (Richard Hawley) rich and atmospheric string soundtrack. The title track ‘Quiet Town’ strikes a more contemplative tone, and features the brass arrangements of Terry Edwards (Nick Cave; David Gray). Live favourite ‘When Was’ has finally been recorded, showcasing Roger’s superb finger-picking technique. ‘Blow’ is a more traditional love story, but the interplay of guitar and accordian is unique, with a firm pace dictated by Ian Jennings (Big Town Playboys,Robert Plant; Jeff Beck) on double bass and Robert Brian (Siouxsie Sioux) providing drums.”

– Toby Field

About Roger Tarry:

Roger Tarry spins homespun tales of love, loss and longing, melding folk themes around a soft vocal delivery. The nod to influences such as Iron & Wine and Fairport Convention set him apart from the reams of identikit singer-songwriters, and his easy on-stage manner and effortless windswept charm make him one of the most popular performers around.

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