NEW RELEASE: Apes (EP) – Pulco

Another chapter in the prolific musical life of lo-fi genius Pulco. Apes is an EP featuring 6 tracks originally recorded for the excellent radio show The Garden Of Earthly Delights.

DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp

CD: A number of limited edition CDs are available to order now from Pethau Garw

“Earlier in the summer my good friend Adam Leonard suggested that I record some songs again containing just guitar and vocals. He came up with the song titles and I did the rest.”

– Ash Cooke, Pulco


“The prolific bedroom artist’s latest EP delves further into the world of found sound and random observations. We’re huge fans of Ash, he is just so imaginative and his albums are little bits of education left for us to consume and become enriched. On “Apes”, Pulco’s fertile mind is paired sweetly with quiet folk songs hiding bits of pop melodies for discerning ears.”

The Dadada

“APES is both a great introduction to the music of Pulco, and a must have for long-time fans. Double Denim and Spectrum Russians are two of his best songs. Ever. The subtle use of field recordings and spoken word pieces make each part of the APES EP interesting- and keep the listener guessing. Ashley Cooke continues to surprise and delight with his on-going sonic experimentations and refusal to either slow down or anchor himself to a particular musical genre. Note to Pulco – do not slow down.”

– Nat Lyon, Louder Than War

“Closer Spectrum Russians is just beautiful. With chord changes and harmonies that made me think of Nick Lowe…”

– Glenn Griffith, A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Gulf Of Understanding should be played to all those moaners who complain about some idiot on I’m A Celeb or when Tesco run out of a special offer…”

– NeilCrud, Link2Wales

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