NEW RELEASE: The Cosmic Array

The Cosmic Array is a collaboration of established South Wales musicians resulting in an album of sci-fi themed alt country/Americana:

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The Cosmic Array - The Cosmic ArrayThe Cosmic Array - The Cosmic Array

“…this s a fine album…Rangefinder recalls two of the Eighties outstanding alt rock bands, Dumptruck and American Music Club…The spontaneous and ragtag origins of their album are worn on the sleeve, making The Cosmic Array the emotional equivalent of that old Levis jacket you wear less often now but love even more. The Cosmic Array is raw, alive and alone in the endzone. It won’t let you down.”

– Jeremy Gluck, Mudkiss Fanzine

Check out the video for Rangefinder:

About The Cosmic Array:

The Cosmic Array is a collaboration between Paul Battenbough (No Thee No Ess, King of Despair) and Huw Rees (Rag Foundation, King of Despair) that started in late November 2012. The resulting self-titled debut album is due out in January 2014.

The album is described as a “psych country album via a 1950’s event horizon experience”. A description bound to pique our interest here at Folkwit HQ!

Artist and songwriter Paul Battenbough arrived at Huw Rees’ Rhondda Street Studios, Swansea in late November 2012 with seven songs. Seven songs soon became twelve as more were written during the sessions. Drums were put down to a basic acoustic guitar track and and the arrangements began to take shape as layers were added by both Paul, Huw and contributing artists Jon Coward, Dylan Morris and Mat Wigley.

The end result was mixed by Mat Wigley in Cardiff.

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