Cleo T – LONDON Shows – This weekend!

The amazing Cleo T are playing 2 shows this weekend in LONDON – their first UK gigs with the full band line-up – well worth checking out:

Friday 6th June 2014 – 9pm
TransEurope Express Night
93 Feet East
150 Brick Ln
London E1 6QL

Saturday 7th June 2014 – 1pm
Summer Sizzler 2014
Westfield Shepherd’s Bush
Ariel Way
Shepherd’s Bush
W12 7DS

Visit Bandcamp to preview and buy the album (download and CD versions):


“The Parisian chanteuse with the single-initial surname returns with an album boasting John Parish at the knobs and twiddles. ‘I Love Me I Love Me Not’ opens with dramatic woodland strings before Ms T emerges in her freaky garb for an atmospheric number, drunkenly stumbling into a woozy chorus backed by sublime irruptions of drum, piano and string. Perfect. ‘We All’ picks up the pace with more shrieky high notes over squalls of feedback and bouncy bass bits, plus a touchingly direct chorus: ‘We all need someone to hold on to.’ True that. ‘Song To The Moon’ is the tune Marlene Dietrich would’ve sung if she’d had to live with Hitler in the swampy Bavarian marshes until things “blew over.” Excellent wolf impressions and violins. ‘Kingdom Of Smoke’ is a dark, affecting piece of melancholic theatre. ‘Whistles In The Night’ continues this brooding sound. Parish is the perfect choice for Cleo’s twisted forays into the darker side of the woodland. This excellent album also contains a track penned for Cleo by Robert Wyatt, ‘So Long Ago Yesterday,’ and an appearance from my old favourite “instrument,” the theremin. Dark and seductive. An excellent collaboration that will send you slowly mad.”
– Mark Nicholls, Shout 4 Music

“It came as no surprise to discover that Cleo T is French. The black and white, pre-Raphelite sleeve hints at something from the left field, or should that be left bank, and that is pretty much confirmed from the opening track of “Songs Of Shadow And Gold”. A large range of instrumentation, including Theremin and crystal glasses combine with delightfully melancholic melodies to give the album a film noire feel, with Cleo T playing the role of the femme fatale. An album that drifts into your consciousness like a skiff emerging from the mist, cloaked figure in the prow.”
– Neil King, FATEA

“…diaphanous and ethereal ballads…folk compositions treated in the spirit of cabaret.”
– Rock & Folk, France

“…a wild side that contrasts with sweetness, while remaining deeply sensitive and melodic.”
– Rock’n’France

We All the Video:

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