Collecting Skies – 4 Star Review in Maverick

The great reviews keep coming for The Big I Am‘s wonderful debut album, Collecting Skies:

“Individually they are Colin Heaney, Peter McPartland and Steve O’Toole but when put in a room together and given a piano, cuatro and ukulele you have Liverpool trio the Big I Am. And what a stonking three piece band they are after hearing this eleven track debut record.

There is no denying the band their already unparalleled success which has been aided by a favourable quote by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson. Two songs in, Better Days is bound for radio glory as it is a wonderful track which is the best of the record. Even the arrangement does extremely well here and is an ideal example of a song which could have been several minutes longer as you want to savour in the wonderful ambience that is created

Aided through the string arrangements/orchestrations of Dutch composer Wim Oudijk, this is heard pretty much throughout and the combined sound they create is the audio equivalent of giving your earlobes a bowl of sponge pudding and custard; totally thrilling and a taste sensation which lasts long after you have gorged on the item itself.” ****
– Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine

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