Collecting Skies – Review in The Word

More fine words about The Big I Am‘s album Collecting Skies:

What’s it called?:
Collecting Skies

What It Sounds Like:
A stunningly lush album by this Liverpool trio, using an unusual instrumental core of quatro, piano and ukulele (plucked pizzicato, rather than strummed), augmented by expansive and melodramatic string, brass and woodwind arrangements. All this is hung around actual songs which are uplifting and beautiful. Remember the first time you heard Elbow’s One Day Like This? It’s that good. I came across tracks from the album while listening to the (really rather good) internet radio station Tonight they played the album in it’s entirety and I went straight to the band’s Bandcamp page and bought it. You can hear it, and indeed buy it, at Don’t let this one get away. If you only listen to one track, start with the title track “Collecting Skies”

What Does It All “Mean”?:
It’s life enhancing. It’s like a long hug from your very best friend after a hard day.

Goes well with…:
Late evening with a bottle of red. Or in a comfortable bed with the speakers up loud and your eyes closed.

Might Suit People Who Like…:
Elbow. Talk Talk. Arco. Bjork.

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