Andy Whittle – R2 Review

A great review of Andy Whittle’s new album Reflections of an Illusion in the latest R2 / Rock’n’Reel Magazine:

“Four years and four albums in, I must confess that Andy Whittle’s a new name to me.  And, on the strength of this collection, I think I may have been missing out.  It’s not exactly an original set-up – a singer-songwriter backing himself with guitar and piano, with a few guests adding colour on bass, banjo, and backing vocals – but there is a rare expressive conviction in Whittle’s vocal delivery.

The sound is laced with melancholy Americana, yet the songs are unapologetically English: ‘I’s so flipping freezing’, he complains on ‘Wide Awake Waltz’.  In tune with the best of a line stretching back to the mid-60s, the songs are introspective but with an acuteness of perception and freshness of expression that will strike home to anyone who’s ever been just a little emotionally fragile – and that’s all of us – isn’t it?

‘Own Sweet Time’ briefly ups the tempo with simple, shimmering guitar lines and lyrics of defiant individuality, but the overarching mood of the album is one of quiet passion.  It seems these days that songer-songwriters are ten – maybe fifteen a penny, but Andy Whittle’s a artist who may just leave the herd behind.” ***
– Oz Hardwick, R2 / Rock’n’Reel Magazine, March-April 2011

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