R2 – 5 Star Review for The Big I Am

The Big I Am’s Collecting Skies is one of only 3 original new albums to get a 5-star review in the latest R2 / Rock’n’ Reel magazine:

“The Big I Am have been knocking around the Liverpool acoustic scene creating a ripple of fuss for some years now, but never would I have expected such a debut album of poise, strength and the most vociferous magnificence.

At the heart of the band is a trio of ukulele, quatro and keyboards but what elevates this project above what is already undeniably good is its rich orchestrations courtesy of co-producer, Wim Oudjik.  Band and producer have found a symbolic collaboration that every musician dreams of.  Suddenly everything is inspired, like electricity crackling with charge.  The Big I Am sound absolutely confident and joyful in their creativity.

Collecting Skies could be the soundtrack to snows melting and spring emerging.  Songs open like a new dawn breaking and hang like blossoms from fragile branches of beauty; then they grow and grow until they are bursting at the seams with catharsis.  If you listen to this album, be prepared to have your heartstrings plucked and stroked until you ache with joy and any cyisism you harbour is utterly defeated.  Be prepared to be lifted.” *****
– Eddy Cooney, R2 / Rock’n’Reel Magazine, March-April 2011

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