NEW RELEASES: Orwell + Rebecca Clamp

Monday 4 April 2011 sees the release of 2 new albums from Folkwit Records:

Continental – Orwell – £9.99 + P&P

  1. Continental
  2. Lonely Ride
  3. On This Brightful Day
  4. The Wife, The Battlefield
  5. Follow Me, Boy
  6. Eastern
  7. Always
  8. Anytime Is Now
  9. Them
  10. Secret Movies
  11. A Long Way To Start
  12. Following…
  13. Every Time The World Is Too Loud

Following up on the highly acclaimed album ‘Le génie humain’ – “an exquisite and subtle album” (Mojo), French band Orwell return with another slice of luscious orchestral pop.


“…cerebrally agile pop…signs off with the enchanting ‘Everytime the World Is Too Loud’ to close a delicious treat of an album. This is Orwell’s third album, and it’s slightly perplexing that bands like this don’t get more exposure in this country as I’m sure it would appeal to many people who love intelligent classic pop.”
– Steve Claire, Vanguard Online

“…breezy summery-pop with a little dink of melancholia here and there, smothered with catchy little choruses…this is an album that demands repeated listens and sharing with a picnic hamper and a crate of French booze. Winner.”
– Paul Pledger, AllGigs

“…music that has all the qualities associated with the golden age of pop, unmistakeably its heart and soul…”

“…acoustic folk but with the pop twist that makes it something special to listen to.” 4/5
– Mikey Rush –

Key To The City – Rebecca Clamp – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Introvert Introjaune
  2. Parasites
  3. Arkadia
  4. Hard Creating
  5. Ghostly Tram Song
  6. Epiphany
  7. Something Important
  8. 100 Cold Kisses
  9. Kallio
  10. St. Wilgefortis

Rebecca Clamp’s second release with Folkwit Records, Key to the City is a love letter to Clamp’s neighbourhood in Helsinki, but you don’t need to have been to Finland to appreciate these songs about love, fragility and finding home. As with her debut album Nocturnal Leap (2005), her lyrics delight in the small-great things in life: parasitic wasps, a special bookshop, and a bearded female saint all make colourful appearances here. The album features performances from Franka Oroza (FEW), JP Cavonius (Flannelmouth, Scaramangas and Treehouse), and Alex Reeves (Dizzee Rascal, EZIO) amongst others.

As well as the CD Clamp has collaborated with designer Veera Kulju to create a limited edition of 150 porcelain keys to represent the download version of the album. Each key comes with it’s unique phrase of ‘key words’ written by Clamp, that ‘unlock’ the music on the download site.

Limited Edition Key + Download codes for special edition album with bonus tracks – £30 + P&P


“Rebecca’s world is one of grace, sensitivity, tasteful style, passion, playfulness and an enviable ability to savour the best of life. For all her thoughtfulness, Rebecca is not overtly angstful, which makes for a refreshing change. Many of the songs pay tribute to her adopted homeland of Finland, which she makes sound thoroughly appealing. She sings in an unaffected, well-enunciated manner that is a joy to listen to. The piano is the perfect instrument of accompaniment, complimenting the refined richness of the vocals and compositions. Other instruments feature judiciously and occasionally – there are no plodding bass and drums to dissipate the passion.

Each number is equally strong, until we get to the final one, in which Rebecca raises the game beyond her own high standards to produce what has already become one of my favourite songs of all time. The song is St. Wilgefortis, relating the extraordinary tale of ‘the patron saint of bearded ladies’. Rebecca achieves an exemplary combination of humour and sympathetic sensitivity. Utterly magnificent.

‘My love is better than Veuve Clicquot’ is a revealing metaphor from Isadora’s Alice Party, perhaps the strongest track on Nocturnal Leap. And yes, Rebecca Clamp’s music is like the very finest of wines.”
– Rychard Carrington, Moving Tone

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