Tasty Fanzine review of Continental

Words of praise for the wonderful new album Continental by Orwell:

“Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s novel ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ the French mastermind of Orwell, Jérôme Didelot provides with “Continental” a kind of concept album. These inspirations frame his – in his words – ‘classic pop’ that reveals a complex multi-layered sunshiny, light and politely unobtrusive pop piece. The band uses the whole variety of musical instruments to underline the atmospheric context, ranging from gentle electro pop breezes, Stylophone, rhythm boxes, xylophones and experiments with vague noises. But the art of Didelot’s pop lies in his unobtrusiveness. You don’t need to know his contextual and musical influences. You can just sit back and enjoy it.

The title track “Continental” fittingly hails from the European music scenes, borrowing its drive from the German electro scene, its melodious instrumentation from British guitar pop and its lightness only can be associated with 60s French pop. Also songs like “On This Brightful Day”, “Always” and especially the outstanding “A long way to the start” stand for the sweet and light side of life, shifting the listener deeper and deeper into their addiction. “Anytime” also could have been written for or by Phoenix and shows why contemporary French pop only might work in a genuine state of sunshine and happiness. It is a bit too weirdly cheerful, oscillating between gentle dance-pop and the mania of Bowie’s Space Oddity.

Although the album also contains quite a bunch of fillers that won’t bother the listener as they are too unremarkable in their inoffensiveness, the last song “Everytime The World Is Too Loud” makes you want to press the repeat button. Not only because you want to listen to the addictive first song again, or because you want to unveil more layers of Didelot’s creations. Mostly because “Continental” shows you the light and sweet sight of life. And let’s be honest, we all are attracted by this image. I might go and book my holidays in France. See you all there!”
– Wolfgang Gunther, Tasty Fanzine

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