Cymbient is the musical entity of psychedelic artist Andy Fung. Arced, his fourth album, is the second released on Folkwit Records. Andy was the front man and main songwriter of Peel favourites Derrero, and is one half of Welsh duo No Thee No Ess, who received press attention and radio play on BBC 6Music. Andy has also played drums for Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Richard James, Martin Carr, Cate Le Bon, and is currently on tour with H. Hawkline.

Arced is a beautiful album resplendent with psychedelic harmonies, experimental drumming and string arrangements by composer Seb Goldfinch.

Arced – Cymbient (f0121)

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Arced - CymbientArced - Cymbient


I Saw Energy – Cymbient (f0084)
Release date: 4 March 2013

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I Saw Energy - CymbientI Saw Energy - Cymbient


“Beautiful melodies and wonderfully orchestrated arrangements from a very special band!”
– Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

“…wonderfully lush and expansive sound…”
– Bethan Elfyn, Amazing Radio

“Music meets sight… profoundly intelligent…beautiful.”
Chloe Thomas, DIY

“Laid back, almost echoing the ocean…Underlying Paintings is a stand-out, jumping from one style to another in perfect leaps. It’s all great though, so go listen.”
– Justin Evans, Buzz Magazine

“..somewhere between Elliot Smith and Pink Floyd…a sound not too far away from Grandaddy”
– Ben P Scott, God Is In The TV Zine

“We’re not sure if we can sum up Cymbient’s sound quite as well as they can, so allow us to share how they describe their music; Stuff Brian Wilson into a split screen camper van with some retro valve amps, a first edition stylophone, Beefheart’s ’Clear Spot’ on the stereo and head for the welsh surf breaks with Cymbient. ‘Trailers and Gliders’ really is as magical as that- like a deep breath of fresh air and a spectacular sea view itself.”
– Emerging Icons

Here’s a video for Trailers and Gliders a track the album filmed and directed by Paul Battenbough:

About Cymbient:

​Cymbient is the musical project of Cardiff-based artist, Andy Fung (also of No Thee No Ess fame). Formed with surfing friends in 2005, I Saw Energy, recorded and mixed by Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, M Ward, Gryff Rhys), will be their third release and their first on Folkwit Records.

Andy Fung (Cymbient)

It’s been nearly five years since the last Cymbient release. But Andy hasn’t been dormant in the meantime. With long-time collaborator, Paul Battenbough, he put out two No Thee No Ess albums including 2012’s Lights Over the Lake, which won critical acclaim and led to a host of well received UK festival perfomances.

This period has also seen regular collaboration with Richard James (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) and Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good).

A psychedelic painter – – there are threads running through Andy Fung’s music and art.

Harmony plays a large part in Cymbient’s music and this is very evident on I Saw Energy. There is a nod to 60s – and 60s influenced – pop (The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground, Teenage Fanclub, etc.) and a gentle nod to psychedelia, but Cymbient’s sound is unmistakably their own.

Cymbient’s 2008 album, Out on the Waves, received airplay from, among others, Shaun Keaveny, Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson. Packed with beautifully constructed warm layers of lush harmonies driven by intelligent and catchy melodies, I Saw Energy is destined to attract huge interest.


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