Daisy Chapman

A wonderful new collection of powerful and poignant songs from Bristol-based singer-songwriter Daisy Chapman:

Good Luck Songs is Daisy Chapman’s third full-length studio album and her second to be released in the UK on Folkwit Records. BBC Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson on making her last album his Album of The Week described Chapman as “a songwriter who has the gift of writing perceptive songs and setting them to sumptuous arrangements.” Dai Jeffries from folking.com suggested that “to provide a comparison by which to judge Daisy I want to say Sandy Denny – she’s there in the piano, the songwriting style and the voice.” High praise indeed and one of many plaudits earned by her second album Shameless Winter.


Quotes and Reviews:

“Watch this woman, she’ll go far.”
– BBC Introducing

“…a great singer-songwriter…well worth checking out.” / “A great album. Really lovely.”
– Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

“Instantly captivating.”
– The Independent

“This is a fantastic album. A great singer and songwriter new to me. Check out her music.”
– Adam Wilson, The Quiet Revolution

“An enchanting work between chanson and classic songwriting.”
– Rolling Stone, Germany

“Sometimes I really don’t know where to start, other than to advise you to listen to this album as soon as you can…Two things stand out: Daisy’s powerful voice and her equally powerful songwriting…In fact, Daisy has a facility for narrative songs, narratives in which not a lot happens but a great deal is learned…To provide a comparison by which to judge Daisy I want to say Sandy Denny – she’s there in the piano, the songwriting style and the voice. I hope that neither of them will object.”
– Dai Jeffries, folking.com

“This is spanking gorgeous! Fill your ears…” / “…utterly beautiful and astoninshing…”
– Phil Widdows, FolkCast

“…she is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician. Daisy’s powerful voice is backed by her very fine classical piano playing and soaring string arrangements, with no electric instruments to be heard. The effect is stunning. This is a work of real quality and deserves to be heard by a wide audience.”
– Peter Cowley, FATEA Reviews

“A powerfully unique vocalist and skilled songwriter.”
-Alan Cackett, Maverick

“She has an intimate and engaging delivery that makes the most of the highly assured qualities of her singing voice. To find that combination in a singer-songwriter these days is a rare thing; and so, to be honest, I think she’s a really special talent.”
– David Kidman, NetRhyrhms

“…this new album introduces a songwriter who has the gift of writing perceptive songs and setting them to sumptuous arrangements. One to catch in 2013.”
– Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland (The album was featured as ALBUM OF THE WEEK)

“…a compelling listen. Strong lyrics and impressive vocal performances are complemented by intelligent and restrained musical arrangements…an education in songwriting to anyone who listens. Shameless Winter will not be short of admirers.”
– Paul Riley, Shout 4 Music

“Opening with the title track, this could be a female Ben Folds as the piano leads us through a strident tale telling of bitter winter travelling. Clear vocals but beautifully produced with instrument and voice both upfront. ‘Better Me’ has a lovely cello/piano counterpoint that drives the rhythm as the track unfolds to a bridge of violin led lament underpinned by the steely vocal. There is talent here, and the song builds and builds to a climactic scene with even a trombone showing its face. Its all here but the mess of ingredients doesn’t overwhelm, although it is fairly hectic towards the end!

We cleanse the palate with ‘The Gentleman in 13B’, a tale of air flight and travelling companions. A simple piano-led narrative…‘Jealous Angels’ is much more relaxed and better for it as is ‘Mrs Hart’s premonition’ with its crystal clear vocal. ‘A Sinner Song’ has the clarity of a Natalie Merchant song in its production and execution, a perfect weight between content and delivery. With some Radio 2 airplay this album will fly. Good stuff.”
– Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK

“A sparkling gem of a discovery.”
– Metal Discovery

Daisy Chapman was featured as ARTIST OF THE WEEK on Bethan Elfyn’s Amazing Radio Show.

About Daisy Chapman:

Whether recounting bitter European winters whilst journeying alone, or a black comedic tale of an ill-fated voyage, the songs that comprise Daisy Chapman’s new album are perceptive and strikingly performed. Her voice, her most powerful instrument, soars above classical piano with the melodies supported by dramatic fiddle and swelling cello parts.

Daisy Chapman - Battstock 2010 - (c) P. Foot

As a live act she is much in demand and has supported well known artists such as Howe Gelb, Karima Francis and Jane Taylor. She has toured the US, Poland and Germany (twice) with much more touring to come. Her previous album The Green Eyed (2009) won an Independent Music Award which secured her slots at the UK’s leading festivals Glastonbury, Wychwood and 2000 Trees.

Daisy Chapman - Glastonbury 2011 - (c) J Head

Shameless Winter was recorded by renowned producer Ali Chant at Toybox Studios, Bristol (PJ Harvey, Gruff Rhys, Giant Sand, Seasick Steve).



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