Daniel Maitland

Taken In For Christmas

A new Christmas single from the highly talented Daniel Maitland & Tim Palmer:

“This is our first ever christmas single. It’s philosophically a little in the Pogues meets Van Morrisson in Dicken’s Christmas Carol vein – with Gockenspiels, Prevarication, Childrens Choirs, Bittersweetness, Brass bands, Saxophones and Tuburcular bells.

Hope you like it as much as we do.

Happy Christmas from Dan, his talented producer, the badger headed Mr Tim Palmer and our wonderful Drummer boy Mr John Blease.”
– Daniel Maitland

Children Of Men

Written & performed by Dan Maitland
Produced by Tim Palmer
Video by Trevor Blackman

“This song ‘ Children of men’ is about or vaguely related to the recent London riots.

Then, having fixed this thorny issue, we then wandered off into the world to see what other silliness men are doing to each other.

It occured to me that the reason for us being generally and reliably so useless and reactionary may be that we are mostly children and never really have time to grow up. And we are mostly children because our parents were mostly children – right up to the end. Children of children.

I would like to mention Trevor Blackman for his excellent video and Tim Palmer for his excellent production – plus a bit of musical input too on this one (so he’ll be sharing my huge royalty cheque)

It’s a good song; why not buy it and then I can give them both some richly deserved wages.”
– Dan Maitland

Rumours of A Nice Day


“…songs that grow and swell with each listen. Lovely.”
– www.subba-cultcha.com

“songwriter and poet Dan Maitland’s album is a collection of wonderfully original, heartfelt acoustic songs.”
– http://www.babbleandbeat.com

“…poetry over porn, lyrics over libido. His writing style is simple and down to earth, his narrative thoughtful. Maitland, has way with words and I hope it makes him lucky.”

“…Then Daniel Maitland restored our faith in music”
– www.trombonepoetry.com

“Dan really is a songwriter of the highest order. Here he delivered three thoughtful, well-crafted songs of varying moods. He opened with the jolly “Fizz In A 1000″, followed by “Drunk Too Much Wine” and finished up with the brooding “Not In My Country” .He has lots of gigs coming up, check him out..”
– www.myspace.com/theicarusclub

“Much perverse pleasure was to be had in Dan’s company…Was he Tom Waits with a throat lozenge or Rufus Wainwright with a sense of humility?”
– http://www.gig-events-guide.co.uk/

About Daniel Maitland:

Poet and Songwriter Daniel Maitland released his debut solo album, Rumours Of A Nice Day, on Folkwit records in 2008 and got some nice reviews, especially from his friend Rose – who gave him genius rights to her larder (no, missus, behave!)..

He is currently recording two new albums, having recovered from last one via the replenishing powers of Golf, Poker and comforting friends. The new albums will be called Voltz, and What about Junior and will be a reaction to the last unplugged stripped down slightly earnest effort, in that they are very much plugged in and lots of fun is being had with horns, strings, loops, BV’s and crossdressing. Hopeful release date will be early 2013 for at least one.

He has previously written two novels, one for children and a rather nasty one for adults, plus a miserable-ist’s travelogue – called the Black Diary. All of which he self published. His poetry has been featured on Sky TV and in a number of UK magazines, and was shortlisted in a number of national poetry competitions, including Faber and Faber. His words have been set by the North Sea Radio Orchestra and a number of other artists, including: Melanie Blatt, Nick Homes and members of the Stereo MCs. He has a bumper poetry collection, Even Bad Dogs do Good Things on sale now at a few good Book shops and at gigs. He has just finished his existential, quantum fantasy friend novella Things Forgotten and is currently fighting off all major publishing houses, in a kind of unilateral way…



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