Doug Hoekstra

Blooming Roses – Doug Hoekstra – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Acquired Taste
  2. Blooming Roses
  3. The Best There Ever Was
  4. Naper Vegas
  5. Scrabble Club
  6. Your Sweet Love
  7. Instincts
  8. Subway Train
  9. Gavin Geist
  10. Disrepair
  11. Part of the Problem Part of the Solution
  12. Everywhere is Somewhere


“…this has to be one of the most likeable albums of the year”

“A lot of people write songs, Hoekstra writes five-minute worlds”
– Wired Magazine

“Music runs like a liquid vein through these 80-proof experiences. Hoekstra pours it out with a Dylan-esque fervor, giving us a sputtering catalog of beauties and terrors…”
– Paste Magazine

“A peerless set of gems…psychedelic folk-flecked Americana.”
– Brighton Magazine

“Doug Hoekstra has continued to deepen the emotional presence of his evocative songs”
– Harp Magazine

“Hoekstra is fiercely quiet; you don’t have to shout when you’re actually saying something. And his beautiful music thrives at any volume.”
– Frank Goodman

“‘Acquired Taste’ is the perfect description and summation of Hoekstra: a trembling dreamlike score, a toy piano completing the atmosphere, half-whispered sing-speak vocals, and a chorus that seems off hand and makes perfect sense. It won’t appeal to everyone, but if you do acquire the taste then it will open up whole new vistas for you.”
– Americana UK

About Doug Hoekstra:

Doug Hoekstra is a unique and compelling artist whose work has been heralded by critics, DJs, and fans throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Raised in Chicago and based in Nashville, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as a man with an ear for a phrase and an eye for detail,  a “songwriter’s songwriter” (CMJ Music Monthly)

His latest project, Blooming Roses, features all of the “Hoekstra hallmarks” – honest vocals, narrative lyrics, emotive chord changes and impeccable musicianship. From the soul vibe of the title track (Blooming Roses) to the atmospheric groove of the closer (Everywhere is Somewhere), the music is infused with mood and purpose, creating a unified and rich musical landscape that stands as Hoekstra’s strongest work to date.


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